Volume 5 - Part 1: [Generic] There's 8 paragraphs that start with the double quote (alone) in italic format : <p><em>“</em>. 😋 [6%] And.... ► It should be 3 periods. [10%] about how I felt—he’d just did his own thing. He really ► It should be done? [17%] Maybe he’d been made our night as short and normal ► Remove been. [31%] straight into the spotlight as a “Duchess”, whether she ► Move the comma inside the quotes. [61%] make sure the rubies stay rare.If all goes well, the ► Missing space. [76%] “Guh?” Mr Fisalis. must have been really surprised, ► It should be Mr. Fisalis (move the period). Also, see generic issue above. [76%] he repeated what he’d said, giving me a puzzled look. ► It should be I’d (Viola's POV; Cercis repeats what Viola said). [80%] popular in Rohze as ‘Viola Sapphires’, we’re totally ► Move the comma inside the quotes.