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    Ok, I was just reminded of some Messed up, Offensive, Gross series so I will just give a title that could have been one to spread this yucky feeling I have.

    I a Loser suddenly got 69 Wishes: I Wish to Possess the most Popular and Beautiful Girl in S

    yeah... for the series I just remembered this would not be a far-off title (this is a tame title compared to some of the titles of the series I remembered).

    Edit: You did this to me @Terrence your thread made me remember these offensive series. well not kind of not but kind so at the same time

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    To heal my soul I will come up with a more heart fluffy title now

    I am cursed to act the opposite of what I feel, I just want a peaceful life but these annoying girls keep on swarming around me thinking I am some nice dense guy

    the outward look of this will make it look like a typical Harem story but this would be first person where we hear the MCs true thoughts and feeling vs how he acts

  • @drone205 So, How NOT to Summon a Harem Protagonist?

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    I got another one

    Life in Harem Apartments

    This would be a Harem series where MC lives in an apartment and all his neighbours are Herem Archetypes. Now the Twist is all the girls are special (wow, who saw that coming), There be Ghosts, Time-travelers, Sliders, Aliens, Monster-girls, Esper Girls, Reverse-Isekai girls, etc. I guess this is kind of like Rokujouma in a way, (in this series the ghost would be tied to the MCs apartment because of course, she is). This would be a Slice-Of-Life, Comedic, Adventure-esk series. The Ghost girl will have her own ghost problems, the Time-Traveler will have time-travel problems, the Slider will have a problem with a parallel Earth, The Moster Girls will have their own unique problems while also serving as fetish specific Fanservice, the Esper girls will have Esper problems, and the Reverse-Isekai girls will have problems about their own Fantasy world. This is kinda like Rokujouma and/or Haruhi Suzumiya.

  • @drone205 this feels like the apartment the protagonist from NeeChu would move into after getting into college. It'd be hillarious AF.

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    Reborn in Another World as a Shadow

    15-year-old John Smithy {*This is the most unique name I have come up with so far} is hit by a bus and dies. John finds himself in the shadow of cute 14-year-old beaver girl named Castor {*Yeah this girl is already awesome cuz of Beavers and the name too, Oh Canada!}. John can traverse and manipulate any shadow he "touches" and make it a part of his "body," John gets some weird feeling when he is "in two places at the same time" (as his "body" can be two different shadows on opposite sides of the globe). It is lonely but John made some friends with certain "piranhas of the air" and it turns out that Castor can interact with John for some weird reason.

  • @drone205 for what it's worth, I'd read the shit out of that story. And I'm sure I'd love it.

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    @drone205 said in Light novel titles:

    Reborn in Another World as a Shadow

    cute 14-year-old beaver girl named Castor {*Yeah this girl is already awesome cuz of Beavers and the name too, Oh Canada!}.

    Bonus points to anyone who can tell me the significance of Castoe's name.

    @paulnamida thx, I like coming up with creative story ideas, that's one of the reasons why I like this thread.

  • @drone205 Castor is beaver in Spanish :P. It'd be great if she had a twin sister name Pollux though.

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    @paulnamida eh I will give it to you, French and Spanish are both sister Languages after all.

  • @drone205 said in Light novel titles:

    I was summoned to defeat the Demon Lord but SCREW THAT it turns out the Demon Lord is a Moe Girl!

    I would definitely read "I was summoned to defeat the Demon Lord but SCREW THAT it turns out the Demon Lord is a Moe Girl!"... It sounds like it could be pretty funny along the lines of Konosuba...

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    @rerdey Or a lot of current isekai. Mixed Bathing, definitely. Realist Hero, maybe. Isekai Mahou, probably. There may be others.

    Oh. I totally forgot Isekai Maou, absolutely.

  • @paul-nebeling By the way... In Volume 6 of Realist Hero, it is hinted that the story may not be an Isekai... :-)

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    @rerdey Master of Ragnarok has dropped hints in a similar vein, but I personally consider both to be throwing out red herrings. Biggest reason is the presence of magic. Only isekai title with magic on both sides of the summoning is Isekai Mahou. Suimei was a magician before he was summoned.

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    [The Description has a very deliberate cringy section with how a pubescent boy sees a beautiful girl, you have been warned, Not as bad as having a boy named Harry get his little P-P personified though.]

    Summoned in Another World as a Harem-Mancer

    Young 15-year-old Jim Coden is spirited away into another world. Young Jim was summoned by Demons, Jim was forced into slavery to the Demons and forced to use his Power that all summoned Heroes get. Jim using his power summoned the Hottest girl he has ever seen [*the next few lines may be cringy for some readers and may bring back some embarrassing memories for you older people as this is Jims thought now as a pubescent boy]. This Hot Mysterious girl has such long slender blonde hair that goes to her waist, nice round breasts were big enough to fit Jims Hand. her figure was perfect, not to slim, not to fat, and she has the perfect amount of muscle to be beautiful yet powerful; Jim can tell cause she is baring it all right now (yet The Girls' hair is hiding some important parts as if the world itself knew Jim would look there, and all this smoke from the summoning is not helping either!). She must be an Elf because of those long, slender, pointed ears. her ocean blue eyes as she gazes into Jims as if she can see right into his soul. As Jim sits there as if in a Trance, the Demons raise their whips to beat Jim cause he ignored their order to give the Elf to them as a Slave. The Elf kills them all before anyone has the chance to take a breath and then takes Jim to Safety, This is the start of Jim's adventure in another world.

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    @kairos You may actually be my new hero. I'm a published author (who is not good with titles, lol) currently working on several projects, but with your okay, I'm totally swiping the title "You already have a harem! So why are you asking me out?!" I will write that story. Might only be a forty or fifty pages, but I'm totally going to write that. I'll post a link once I get a halfway decent draft. That's so far outside of my personal wheelhouse that my editor may well have an apoplexy. That alone makes it worth the attempt, lol.

  • @malachy Go for it! I'd love to read it.

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    I the School Idol became a Fan-Service Magical Girl

    First Year Akane Bento from Ecchi High is the school Idol. Akane has a wonderful life until the Evil Censor Monsters Strike! Akane is chosen as The Fan-Service Magical Girl who fights the Censors. Akane's power comes from how other people see her, she gets power from others love for her but she truly becomes powerful when she plays into others Fetishes and sexual desires and thoughts.

    Note: This kinda reminds me of those series where MC gets stronger from Fan-Service but instead of the MC being Male and getting his power by being turned on this MC is female and gets her power from other characters being turned on by her.

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    Boy I am have been creative recently {now if only my naming sense can be as creative}

    Reincarnated in Another World as Five People

    Alice, and Elven Princess; Bob, Owner of a newly opened shop; Carla, an Abused cat Girl; Derek, A young new adventurer; Erika, the Demon Princess hiding as a Dark Elf Slave. 15-Year-Old Jonathan Smithy just plopped out of existence one day while ordering "Adult movies" online (He is totally ordering Deadpool, I Don't know why you thought it had to be THAT you sick, sick ppl). Jonathan now lives five stories, five lives, all of whom will cross paths and will decide the fate of the world separately yet together.

  • @drone205 someone has to write that 5 lives things. I NEED TO READ THIS!