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    She should have done it at the beach, so what if she got interrupted with the shooting stars stuff, at least they were alone then.

    I kind of give her a bit of a pass seeing as they're all just kids & hardly properly socialised or educated, plus us viewers have much more information to go off than she does - eg: Zero Two being dangerous to Hiro from her POV is totally accurate.

    She might have had pretty much the least shit life out of all of these kids, but it is still a pretty shitty life really - disposable child soldiers & all. So like, yeah, she's doing some pretty horrible stuff, but is she even aware it is horrible? These kids don't even understand their own feelings due to the abnormal (to us) upbringing, so understanding how their actions impacts on others would be even worse than a teenager in our world & more like little kids that all seem like sociopaths.

    I'm like, all these kids & by the looks of that adult old mate got to visit most of the adults too are victims of the goons in charge, so I feel bad for the lot of them.

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    @smashman42 You know, while I had realized the "disposable soldiers" aspect, I hadn't considered that they really don't have any social skills. IIRC, Dr. Franxx is sort of using squad 13 as an experiment on puberty and parasite effectiveness. Yes, even the adults are caught up in this system. It's a rather dystopian society that reminds me of Brave New World a little bit

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    @paul-nebeling I do wonder if the doctor thinks maybe they went too far with the rigid make everyone robot like thing & he's using this squad to see if backing off a bit is viable - but I'm not sure what the actual experiment really is.

    They mentioned normally only one or two parasites go through puberty at once & this squad is all at once, so the experiment is more than just puberty. From the flashbacks we've been given, did only Hiro, Ichigo, Goro, and Mitsuru survive from their "batch", or did surplus kids go to the normal "robotic" groups?

    Where did Kokoro, Ikuno, Futoshi, Zorome, Miku, and Naomi come from & how did they qualify for this experiment? Sure, they might have all been in The Garden together, but it looked to me the separate "classes/batches" were pretty segregated. In Hiro's group, it seemed like he was the ringleader with creating names and what not. How did the separate group develop? It seems to be kind of assumed Hiro named them at some point too - but surely that was after he interacted with Zero Two, got memory wiped, and lost his piloting mojo - so why would they accept names from a loser at that point? Are we missing info or is there a plot hole here? Did Ichigo force them to take names from Hiro when they got assigned together?

    There's been a previous squad 13 living in the same place, but were they another iteration of the same experiment, or robots like that other crew? Does the communal dorm in a house with a yard and semi-open/free environment they have even exist for the other more robot like squads? Or are they just in steel bunks in sterile steel rooms somewhere (like the childhood flashbacks) stored like tools as it is all they need to live?

    It seems like there's no intermediate step between The Garden & where they are now, but then how did Plantation 13 survive with no operational Franxx defending it? Were they docked with The Garden the whole time until this squad became able to pilot, or did they have another squad kept somewhere else off screen that conveniently died right as this squad became ready to go? (the previous squad 13 was a surprise to them all after all, so it couldn't have been them) Are there backup squad 13s in Plantation 13 for if they get wiped out, or is the whole plantation expendable?

    Maybe I'm just a bit dim & missed a lot of important details, but it seems like there's so much we don't know here - how much of it will be revealed & how much left up in the air?

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    @smashman42 I don't think it's you. There are a lot of unanswered questions in this anime, and since it's original, I have my doubts that all of them will be answered before we hit episode 24. I'm not sure how many series the typical VA works on concurrently, but I'm pretty sure that Zero Two's VA has another obligation after this series, so don't see a "second season" any time soon.

    Very good questions though about the current Squad 13's predecessors.

    On a morbidly whimsical note, how many of those two ranks of stamens lined up as Zero Two was boarding the shuttle will be dead before the end of the next episode? I'm thinking that the expected survival time for piloting with Zero Two is going to go down drastically. Like, not even one ride and they're dead.

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    You know, since Hachi and Nana seem younger than any of the other adults, I had a thought that they both might be surviving pilots from a previous batch. But with, you know, some memory manipulation before they went on to become mentors.

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    @shrike_al I'd wondered about that too. They are the only other close to normal human characters* we've seen in the show which makes them stand out as an anomaly.

    *civilian adults & parasites other than the Nines & main 13 group are all in the 'weirdly robotic' category.

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    That ending of this week's ep, holy crap!

    I'm commenting not long after it released, so I'll use spoiler tags just in case someone reads this before watching it.

  • This weeks episode was really awesome, although my prediction was wrong I’m happy it was. I didn’t think Hiro would do all that this episode. Props to him tho.

  • @smashman42 Yeah, one heck of a ride

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    I'm now convinced that the guys at Trigger are going for the anti-Evangelion route. Man, am I happy for them. They deserve a lot of kudos for how well they've executed everything so far. I think the last time a mecha anime was executed this well was during Code Geass, around a decade back.

    I really like the way Zero Two's voice broke and changed once Hiro managed to bring her back.

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    @smashman42 What. The. Hell. Was. That?

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    Ok. Some of this episode went the way I expected and some of it didn't. I must say

    Best part is there are still nine episodes left.

  • Why oh why did I have to start watching this before the entire series was completed? We have to go through 9 more weeks of this?

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    You know, it felt kinda weird when Goro suddenly walked out of his cockpit. Why couldn't he just take command of his Franxx, scoop Hiro in the hand, and bring him to Zero Two?

    Turns out they needed a quick method for Ichigo to understand the depth of Hiro's feelings.

  • Now it’s all set on stone that Hiro LOVES Zero Two and will do anything to be with her. I personally didn’t believe Hiro had the courage to get to her in that situation and when he did I was just surprised. I know he’d give up his life for her in a heart beat. But what he did was like proving to himself that if he can’t get to her he doesn’t know who he is so YOLO, or he wasn’t ment to be her. So honestly props to him for reaching what he believes is his meaning of life, is what I got from what he did.

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    Ichigo grew the hell up real quick in this episode. Wonder if she's still totally hated or if the rabid weebs took her delivering Hiro to Zero Two as a redemption?

    @G it's painful isn't it? I caught up just the other week on this show & back when Re:Zero aired I did the same thing, coming in during arc 2 in Roswall's mansion, then suffered like those following from the start.

    These can't wait for the next week shows are rare, but when they happen it's pretty special. Don't get me wrong, I love MHA & quite like GGO so look forward to them every week, but they don't hook me anywhere near as hard as this has. I honestly can't remember if there has been anything between this and Re:Zero two years ago that hooked me this hard.

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    @smashman42 The one that impressed me the most was Goro. Hiro's dash across the battlefield was expected, though doing it in a training unit was brilliant. Honestly, I thought Ichigo got over her rejection a bit too quickly. She did redeem herself somewhat, but I think her real feelings were shown when

  • It seems there's going to be a break next week and instead there will be some kind of special. Episode 16 won't air until the week after.

    https://twitter.com/DARLI_FRA/status/987707019418255361 - in Japanese

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    @g Chrome isn't cooperating and translating the tweet. Are they saying it's a "special episode" like that abysmal "Recap" episode at the end of the Phantom Bullet arc of SAO?

  • @paul-nebeling Yeah pretty sure that’s what it is.

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