So... Here’s the hiccup I’m seeing in Smartphone.

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    First off, yes I am alive. I just haven’t posted because I actually have a job now. Sure I’m reading less Light Novels recently and getting home with sores on the bottom of my feet, but I’m not here to div about my 4 to 12 at Walmart. I’m here to ask for some clarification...

    See, my family has a terrible tendency to ‘binge’ on certain subjects. For my mother it’s Netflix. The oldest of my younger sisters has Reality TV. For me, it’s books. I have been binging the crap out of the Smartphone Webnovel because I am totally impatient and don’t want to wait until all the volumes come out before I get to the true bingeapalooza. On a side note, I am also binging the Rokujouma?! series, but this is a post about Smartphone and I’ve rambled enough, so let’s just get into the issue I have!

    Was Touya actually brought to this new world by accident?

    Now let me clarify that there will probably be spoilers. Let me also say that I am taking info from both the LN and WN, so there are bound to be inconsistencies.

    So if you’ve read the Smartphone series at all or hell even seen the anime, than you will know that Touya died as a result of the God of Worlds accidentally dropping lightning he was playing with. I’d like to make a point of how ridiculous that sounds, but he’s a god so ridiculous is kind of his Bread and Jam...

    Point one; if it was truely an accident that was 100% random folly on the old coot’s part, than why is it that Professor Regina Babylon was able to see Touya in her world at all? That crystal orb must have been loaded with a multiplication table’s worth of steroids to be able to calculate not only the infinite possibilities that could take place over the 5000 year gap, but it was specifically mentioned that the gap in time couldn’t exceed 5000 years. That’s why when Touya used the same artifact, he wasn’t able to see someone similar to him and why would I need to remind you all of the criteria when you’ve all alredy read up to the released chapter on this site at least.

    Anyways, so if God really did accidentally drop the bolt, than why is it that the orb was able to see Touya in the first place? I mean it’s not like God was definitely going to dropthe bolt right? It was an accident... Right?

    Well... that’s not the only hiccup I have with the series... See, another thing Smartphone does that really ticks me off is it’s view on the Multi-verse, and here’s how I can best describe it;
    Say you want to make a sandwich. You have your two slices of bread, lettuce, tomato, ham and cheese and you’re about to put on your condiments when you decide you don’t want the tomato to be between the lettuce and ham so you move the lettuce above the cheese then apply your condiments.

    If you’re getting hungry than be assured you aren’t the only one, but the point of that whole thing is ‘layers’. In the Smartphone series, the is explanation they gave was a staircase where you can move one step up and down easier than ten steps. In reality, the multiverse is more fluid than that, but this still isn’t the point!

    The point is that the more I read, the more I realize that this series is just weird. I mean, it’ll either end up being an escalator with no top or bottom in site or a sandwich built like it would be in an episode of Scoobie Doo... I mean sure they made a point of establishing that sometimes the Professor couldn’t see Touya’s fate because time was uncertain, but Touya was uncertain at that point in time too wasn’t he?

    So here’s my theory... Touya was always going to end up in this other world. It wasn’t fate or destiny. It was a calculated decision by the olive on the stick of the sandwich that is the multiverse for the God of the Bread of the sandwich of the multiverse which the top slice would be the entirety of the worlds and then blah blah pardon me now while I go make me a quesodilla and then crash asleep while I wait with baited breath to be called an idiot and a false fan.

    Oh, and yes I tried to keep it as spoiler free as possible.
    Have a good night folks.

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    I am now awake and haven’t gotten asingle complaint, so now can I ask people; Does this series make any sense to them in regardsto causality?
    Oh wait... Tract... I didn’t go into detail about that in my post now did I?

    Well Causality is the order of the universe. The past has been etched in stone and cannot change, the present is currently being written, and the future is undetermined. Or to put it a way people might find more ideal;
    It’s like an ongoing light novel. We have the chapters and volumes currently on the air from past contributions, the material being written now that is continuing the story, and then the chapters and volumes that are currently still in development.

    What Professor Babylon has essentially done is bring a single future outcome to the writing table before it was plotted out properly. This was a terribly risky move on her part and here I get into spoiler territory of future plot ironic as it may seem.

    So Regina sees a future where a young man who has enough of the same traits as her and becomes infatuated with his exploits. She goes on to construct Babylon just for the sake of this one guy and to top it off she even has her gynoids removesher brain and implant it into the body of a loli gynoid... All for a maybe...

    Either the Pervy Professor is very lucky, or she has an underground benefactor so to speak.

    Anyways, does this still make any sense to people?

  • I think I see where you're coming from. So your stance is that since Regina could see Touya through her future vision thingamajig, then Touya was predetermined to be transported to that world.

    But we don't have to be that literal here. Let's say the artifact can connect to any possible future in the next 5000 years, but the only future that has someone with the same magical pattern as the Professor is the one where Touya gets transported. Touya himself tested it, and in the next 5000 years, there would be no one with the same pattern, laying bare how extremely rare this condition is. Therefore, this was simply the only possible future that Professor Babylon could have been able to see, one out of many others that she just couldn't see because of a lack of a compatible subject. Don't forget that the Professor herself had times where she couldn't see the future, meaning that something happened at that point that would prevent Touya coming to her world (probably because of the world being destroyed). So it's not like it's the only possibility available and set in stone by her observing it, it just was the only possibility that she could watch by herself.

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    @paulnamida but here’s the thing see... In a multiverse, it is 100% impossible for any outcome to be truly random. I mean maybe for all the programming the device couldn’t tell precisely every future, but the laws of a multiverse mean that at any given moment a slime could spontaniously appear on a planet made out of money because a multiverse holds no limitations.

    In fact, and I’m sorry to say this, but while it may seem like Touya would be the ‘only possible compatible person’ because of the canon, in reality the artifact should have shown an infinite amount of people because that is how a multiverse works.

    The only way I can see the orb working that makes sense involves predetermined events to make a clear image of future events, but the World God claimed that he accidentally dropped the lightning on Touya, thus making it an unreliable factor in this.

    There is however an option that I hadn’t wanted to get too into, but it’s another way to make sense while creating a hell of a lot more loopholes...

    So the artifact is developed by Professor Babylon and lets her see future. Let’s assume this is the start of the situation.

    Option A: she uses the artifact day after day and eventually sees a future of a young man with a compatible biorhythm to hers. She then creates artifacts and machines with him specifically in mind and eventually decides to join him in the future.

    Option B: she uses the artifact day after day but never sees a single person who matches her biorhythm. She could then assume that either the world is destroyed by the phrase before 5000 years is up or that there is just nobody who matches her.

    See what I’m getting at? The present (Ancient Parthenon) was influenced by the future (present day (Touya)) and caused the Professor to dedicate her resources on this plot line. That means the actions of the future changed the past and caused the universe to split because of this chance... however...

    Option C: she uses the artifact day after day and eventually sees a young man who just happens to match her biorhythm. The only problem is that this young man uses the powers he has to do evil. The Professor decides to use the powers at her disposal to ensure that this young man will never be able to commit his sins.

    Now do you see what I’m getting at?
    The series is playing loose with the laws of the multiverse and focusing on one ideal story. I’ll admit that it’s a pretty alright story as far as they go, but why is it that there are so many plot holes???

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    @oathkeeper95 FWIW, while I skimmed over your reasoning, I do agree with your theory. I'm wondering just how "accidentally" Touya was hit by that lightning bolt. World God wouldn't be the first crafty bastard guiding behind a kindly/goofy facade. Dumbledore comes to mind as another example.

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    I don't see it a a contradiction that the Prof could see a future with him and his accidential dead.Fact is he did end in this world (no matter in which way) so she can see it. Now it would not change if he would be born there or being reincarnated.

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    Or you could simply look at it that with his arrival not only was the future of the world irrevocably altered but it also rewrote the past as well through Babylon.

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    I suspect you’ve thought this out more deeply than the author! (Which isn’t a complaint, it’s awesome actually)

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    Well, it's either that the gods are truly incompetent, or there is a higher aim at work.

    Let say it was planned: they have stated that unless there was a cross dimensional issue, they wouldn't get involved.

    The phrase appear as there after Touya appears, or just in time for him to deal with.

    You could look it this as being that the gods placed Touya there to fix the cross dimensional problem (which considering that they refuse to give help on the issue after saying that they would step in for such an issue lends credence to this)

    Or we could say that the gods are truly incompetent and that placing Touya there has caused the dimensional rift, which the gods are trying to now ignore their own mess as that would probably be a seen as a breach of rules to do otherwise.

    Unfortunately, the way things are laid out, incompetence is quite likely, over a sinister mastermind plot.

    Of course, more likely is a blend of plots and incompetence. Dimensional wall weakened by accident? Yup, I can see that. Need to do a fix without getting involved directly? Touya fits the bill. Making him way OP? Probably an accident.

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    Fun fact, whenever I write one of these little theory post, a little voice in my head reads it and I could swear that it sounds like Game Theorie’s Austin.

  • @oathkeeper95

    Dear Patora Fuyuhara,
    Hi, it's me, Oathkeeper95!

    You could make a series out of this xD

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    My 2 cents are..... due to the world god beinf an existance beyond normal boundaries there could only be 2 outcomes. He drops the lightning and zaps Touya or he doesnt. This causes the floping of the artifact between the 2 states.

    Also, my spoiler thoughts on how the phrase get in....

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    @jampodevral ... I love how your brain thinks...
    That seriously makes so much sense. In fact, the tears have been getting much more frequent and bigger ever since Touya popped back up, so... This explains totally about one of my major gripes!!!
    Seriously, you are a major legend of sense making!!!

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    I don't think so for one reason.

    The biggest tear happened on the other side of the world from Touya, in Yu Long. I also think that changes the "World God" from being absent minded to malicious, and I really don't want that.

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    @dtta How about a causality loop then. World God saw Regina Babylon watching Touya 5000 years in the future and realized that he had to bring him over. Not maliciously, but out of necessary.

    Just a thought.

    Edit: The tenses on that statement are all messed up. Maybe "had" should be "will have to"? Temporal mechanics give me a headache. I'm not a Time Lord.

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    @oathkeeper95 it's not surprising Touya saw no one like himself in the future he's a literal demigod in human form.

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    Well then what does that make Babylon?

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    That's kind of why I don't think it has anything to do with him being a demigod, as, as far as we are aware, she wasn't one.

    It's magic and personality compatability. Which says bad things about Touya's personality if he ever loses the straitjacket of Japanese morality. :)

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    @catstorm Professor Babylon: Goddess of Lewd.

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    @paulnamida I just realized that comment and all the ply yes... We’d need a bit more to the visuals provided of the series to make it work better though...
    And yes, this is in response to the SCIENCE reference.
    Edit: And now I’m going to have to do that for every post I start from now on...