So here’s another question about Smartphone, but about Touya’s Waifus...

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    So I think everyone knows what to expect of Touya’s future. He’s going to eventually become a god afterall... But is it ever established what is going to happen to his wives?

    No, I’m seriously wondering, and honestly I feel like making this a little retrospective on what we have learned about and what we might be seeing in the future;

    I want to get the big one out first though. What is going to happen to the ladies in Touya’s life? Well I get the feeling that after they live thier happy lifes and start to die one by one like them quality waifus tend to do, they will become lesser goddesses. If not that then they’ll probably at least become something akin to angels.

    The question is then if they do end up becoming Goddesses, than what would they be goddesses of? I mean we already have a god of Music which kinda rolls out Sakura’s placement in the idea, but what could they each be?

    Next topic is my personal favorite; the WHICH GIRL WILL BIRTH THE SON OF TOUYA game.
    This is getting into a bit of a spoiler, but it’s been established in the webnovel that Touya will only have 1 child out of at least 9 that are male and yes I said ‘at least’. Do you really think that with how thirsty some of his wives are that they’ll be relieved sexually after they give birth? I don’t think any besides maybe Suu will hold back, but then again Suu seemed pretty into the idea of her future daughter marrying Yamato, and I think it’d be a fitting bit of irony for Suu to have Touya’s sole male son...

    Except Touya could end up having more sons... See, when it was established that Touya only had one son in the WN, it was also established that it was hearsay that Professor Babylon found from interactions between Touya and someone else. This could have just been in a moment of his life before he ended up having a few more kids, some of which might have been boys.

    Final topic I wanted to ask is about the Demigod factor. I mean it was also established that Touya’s kids will likely be incredibly powerful or extremely gifted, so what could they possibly be like in the future.

    Sadly there isn’t any short story released about Touya getting nearly crushed by his second eldest daughter giving a bear hug with her super human strength. I still hope that we get to learn more about his kids when the Light Novels come around to it. It should be one hell of a good time...

    I just hope Atlantica and the Goddess of Lewd don’t have designs on his children...

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    Something tells me that Touya is going to outlive all of his wives, including Leen. How much of his divine characteristics get inherited by his children will be interesting to see. Since the gynoids have already been around for 5000 years, it's a safe bet they will be around after all the girls are gone. Unfortunately, that would include Dr. Babylon. I feel sorry for Touya. Then again,

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    @paul-nebeling Well I’m pretty sure these girls will live at least a hundred or two years longer than normal by the current part in the WN.
    The Sakura point though is an interesting one. It depends on whether or not one race outlives the other as well as technically what defines a youth to fairies. They are supposed to be the servants of the servants of the Gods after all.

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    It depends on what way the author goes with Touya. It's possible that he'll never go past demigod and will just live a normal lifespan, die, and that's the end of it. It's possible that the same happens, but he becomes a god upon his semi-mortal body dying. It's possible either of those are the case, but that his lifespan, while not unlimited, is extended. Or it's possible that they have him evolve from demigod to god directly without needing another reincarnation, giving him an unlimited lifespan.