Kenja no Deshi wo Nanoru Kenja

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    Title: Kenja no Deshi wo Nanoru Kenja/賢者の弟子を名乗る賢者
    English: She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wiseman
    Publisher: Micro Magazine
    9 Volumes (Ongoing)

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    Synopsis (from MAL):

    In one of the worlds that exist within virtual reality, Kagami held the title of one of the Nine Sages, a position that placed him at the pinnacle of magicians. One day, he fell asleep in-game after pulling an all-nighter. When he opened his eyes, what he found was a world that was different to the one before…

    More important than anything else, was that the grizzled and dignified veteran’s body that he was used to, had now turned into an innocent little girl’s. If his true identity was leaked, honestly speaking it was a situation where it was very possible that the solemn image he had built up until now would be destroyed. And to deal with this problem, the excuse that he came up with was…

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    Hell yes! You got my up-vote!

  • Author: Hirotsugu Ryuusen
    Artist: Choco Fuji (Illustrator for Hachinan too.)

    Oh god yes, I want this. There are a variety of factors that make it appealing to me.

    The setting is really damn cool. It's based on a VRMMO in which everything was hardcore mode where players developed their skills without any sort of guide or interface to explain things. It's almost like it was teaching players how to live in a fantasy world. It's also a Log Horizon kind of setting in which there are a bunch of players that get transported. They're just spread out over a period of time which creates interesting situations that I'm looking forward to.

    Otherwise, the main character is a summoner class which we don't actually have that many of in Light Novels. At least I can't think of any summoner protagonists that are in a series which is licensed.

    So yea, I really want this one licensed.

  • You got My upvote.

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    Yeah, I also really liked the setting. It's interesting to see that players can even build their own nation if they want to. And the art is really beautiful, especially the cover illustrations. I really hope they will consider this for licensing.

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    Kind of strange situation when a male transforms into a female.
    As someone who tries to sympathize with the characters I read about and compare their actions with what I would have done, Can't for the life of me sympathize or imagine myself happy suddenly switching from hairy legged male to tight petite loli and being merry.

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    I'm absolutely fine with female protagonists, but I definitely share your sentiment about a gender-bent one.

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    Read the fan translation of the first book. It's a surprisingly solid book for the start of the story. And from what I heard Mira's second class was some sorta Kung master. So imagine a gandalf clone that was instead summoner that knew Kung Fu. Still so far this and sword dad are the only stories I've followed that haven't gotten a license.

    It's been running for quite awhile too.

    On a semi off topic note the artist(fuzichoco) does allot of art for both Nintendo's Fire emblem tcg and Sakura's(and Nekosakura) among a few others character art in Fire emblem heroes.