Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter [Licensed by Seven Seas]

  • Title: Koushaku Reijou no Tashinami
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    Author: Reia
    Volumes: 5 + 1 (Completed + Prequel ongoing)

    I was reincarnated as the villain character of an otome game, the daughter of a Duke. However, when I regained my memory, I had already reached my “ending.”

    My engagement had been canceled and if things go according to its “course,” it was set that I will be imprisoned by the church.

    Where is my bright future?

    My thoughts: I like the slow building romance and how Iris tries her best to give her people the best possible life.
    That's because she gets to rule over a fief after she drops out of school (right after she "Wakes up" in her new body). She regains the Memories of her past life but keeps the memories of Iris too - which doesn't happen often in LN's. Also, there is no "cheat". The only thing she has is her knowledge.
    I would love to see this official translated!

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    FYI, Seven Seas picked up the manga, volume 1 will be released this August.

    Definitely support this title, it has a great story, similar to Realist Hero but more grounded in reality. I'm more surprised it hasn't gotten picked up already, but I guess it's Kadokawa so the ball's in YP's court D:

  • @myskaros Ah thanks for the info. I will definively pick up the manga! It is a really great one. (I'm so glad the english ones get to Germany too x'D)
    Even though, I'll hope it gets picked up soon :)

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    I've heard a lot of good things about this on Reddit and I'd love another light novel series with a strong female protagonist.

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    I've been reading the manga adaptation and it's pretty interesting.

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    I been reading this novel too, I like otome-games novels, normally the protagonist has her head filled with flowers but in this one she is smart, managing her territory (father's), and involving herself in politics.

    I think it would be good to include this some other otome-games title since is a genre not currently covered here and this one been picked up.

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    Reading the (not exactly stellar) fan-translations for this a while back was one of the things that led me on to Realist Hero and despite the shoujo trappings, I'd recommend this to any fans of that series. I love the combination of a rising-from-the-ashes scenario, a female MC and lots of court and political intrigue. I really like that although the main character is a high ranking noble, she has to utilise soft power to achieve her means as unlike the MC for Realist Hero, she is not in a position to make far-reaching decisions and has to make do with her own territory and what influence she can wield on others.

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    Read the manga for this and it's actually really interesting. Kind of like Realist but with a female protagonist and she needs to prove herself to get back into the social circles of the nobles. She isn't reincarnated like the normal characters, rather her consciousness goes into Iris whom is the antagonist of a story and she starts off where the antagonist is exposed and loses. Her memories are merged with what she knew from playing the game + Iris's own personality which makes it more interesting because she feels the pain Iris felt. The story made me rethink and feel bad for all the misunderstood villains in the stories in a different light.

  • It would be totally nice, if the novel would get licensed too! I would sooo buy it!!

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    While the manga of this series is licensed I don't think that the light novel has been. This is a great slice of life much like "Realist Hero" and would be a great addition to JNC's line-up.

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    I've read the manga release from Seven Seas and would love to read the LN.
    +1 from me.

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    Volume 2 of the manga is on sale for half off for Manga Monday at Barnes and Noble (and Amazon price matched).

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    Great story! Would absolutely love to have this one as part of JNC's line-up!

  • bump. Would read this one.

  • This novel is the best villainous noble girl story ever!!! I absolutely love it! And the manga is awesome too!!! I was so happy, when they announced, that the manga will get licensed (the ebook version has such a great quality by the way). I really hope they will follow suit and license the novel too, completed with 8 volumes it shouldn’t be too long and there are many who really want to read it, so I think it would sell quite well.
    By the way, it would be nice if the prequel (volume 6-8) of the novel would get adapted into a manga too. And I also would like to see this series getting an anime!

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    Ever since reading the manga of it I am a fan. Otome stories are generally not my kind of genre but this one is really good.

    Also the prequel is not bad.

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    This absolutely must get licensed! This is the best villainous noble girl novel ever!!!
    Please, please license it!!!

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    Mildly Spoiler

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    @saskir Yes, I know that. But if I'm correct, this novel is regarded as a villainous noble girl story by most of the readers. It doesn't matter that Iris doesn't act like one, but she is indeed the villainous noble girl of the otome game she did reincarnate into.

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    I’m thinking, since I’m also now a premium member and got to know the benefits of it, that J-Novel Club absolutely must license this novel! I sooo want to get the volumes as high quality ebooks, with high resolution pictures and nice extra contents. That would be totally awesome!!!

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