[New Life+]’s Anime's Protagonist, Novel Creator Cause Controversy in China

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    This is an interesting development. Wonder what’s gonna happen...

    6/6/2018 Voice actors and actresses Toshiki Masuda, Megumi Nakajima, Kiyono Yasuno, and Nanami Yamashita all have announced their resignation from their roles in the television anime. Creator MINE has issued an apology on Twitter, and he plans to take the web novel down from "Let's Become a Novelist," as well as discussing the possibility of editing print versions of the novel.

  • @legitpancake I think it’s all bullshit. I hope nothing happens to the author.
    By bs I mean they are just trying to get views. I personally wouldn’t be angry if was in this scenario of the whole fictional story of people from my country being killed. If that’s the case a lot of movies should be banned assuming they aren’t yet. I know specially China always bans/censor so many things and some are just for ridiculous reasons.

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    China can and will ban any material that puts their government in a poor light, even when factually true.
    Like tiananmen square.

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    This is not that far off from say if a Russian Fighter Pilot did something and signalled "Gotcha" or "you would have been dead" to American carrier or something like that and then suddenly there are tons of Patriotic Movies where American Hero Saves the day against "Commies" or some other threat playing on TV Like Say, Rambo.

    Edit: well it clearly is different but the root of the problem is still Patriotic.

    This spoiler is all fun and should not be taken seriously, It is said jokingly (mostly? Somewhat? A bit? Eh Heck you can decide). That said if you Hardcore Patriot you may not want to open that spoiler tag! You have been warned

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    I think if MINE were tweeting racist things more recently, it would be a cause for concern, but I believe they had to dig back like 5 years to find it. He may still be overly racist, but it's not something prevalent in his writing, he's not running for public office or anything, and they really had to make some questionable logic leaps to reach the "he killed a bunch of Chinese people" conclusion, so yeah, this guy is just trolling for outrage.

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    You know, as much as I enjoy his work, my gut feeling has been telling me that MINE isn't the kind of person I'll personally admire.

    But then again, I can sorta understand the scorn some people have...

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    There are a lot of authors that made great stuff whose personal lives or views are... well, something you don't want to think about too much.
    Roald Dahl is an excellent example... The guy was an extreme bigot and anti-semite but... I mean he wrote Charlie and the Chocolate factory...

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    I'm going to agree with @sam-pinansky. If the authors can write a decent story, and keeps personal views out out the tale, I'll cut them some slack on what they say privately or in their personal writings. I'm a big boy. I can decide for myself if I think an author deserves my money.

    I honestly didn't know that about Roald Dahl. Doesn't change the fact that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a good book. I'm sure if you dig into the lives of a lot of authors, you will find a skeleton or two.

  • People are entitled to whatever view they have, no one has any right to deny them of these views as long as he doesn't commit any crimes because of them IMO. It's not even a race thing, it's just a deep-seated grudge between two countries fueled by past wars. That shit happens. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone in my country that wouldn't diss Chile as a passing remark. If this is wrong, then ban all war movies, and Rambo. The MC isn't even overly glorified by the fact that he killed a lot of people during war. The Loli Goddess was plain terrified when she found out.

    What we have here is simply a Chinese snowflake trying to go against the Japanese anime industry. And we know that the Japanese don't really give a fuck about SJWs, remember that time a feminist death threatened Asanagi?? This was his response:

    alt text

    He's a fucking genius xD.

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    @paulnamida That is priceless.

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    @drone205 Regarding over the top patriotism - I think there's good odds my country (Australia) can lay claim to losing the stupidest war possible.

    This wiki entry is comedy gold --> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emu_War

    Edit: I read the background on that Asanagi death threat thing - reads like a threat sent by a 13yo on Tumblr so the boobs on the pic are too big

  • @smashman42 if anime has taught me anything is that you can't be too young to have big tiddies.

    Edit: HOLY CRAP, so the Great Emu War was an actual thing??

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    @paulnamida unlike Drop Bears this one's real, if you can call three soldiers vs a bunch of emus a 'war', lol.

  • I remember casually seeing an episode of Gate: Jietai, and seeing the Taro Aso lookalike onscreen. Now, I kinda knew that the author had nationalist views, but it's that scene that cemented for me that this is a series that I probably won't follow. I generally agree with the sentiment that I'm an adult and can choose my media accordingly. That said, if the message really gets too far away from the artistic value of the story, I probably won't read it.

    Wow, I didn't see that in New Life. If they are talking about the two war criminals who went into "extra innings":


    , then I can understand why the Chinese would be pissed about it even though it does not detract me enough from reading this.

    For the Americans, the people in that incident would be equivalent to getting Nathan Bedford Forrest, sending him into an isekai world, and then him leading a blood crusade to exterminate every single non-human sentient around (and the historical figure considered non-Caucasians and non-Protestants (Catholics and Jews) nonhuman). While I am sure there would be an audience for this, I probably wouldn't be one of them (same with the Adolf manga that's around, just not interested). Hopefully the author was not that tasteless to use those two and just used this absurdly good swordsman. I certainly didn't read that from the description of Renya's life.

    There's a couple of passages in Youjo Senki that discuss Tsuji, THE unrepentant war criminal where Tanya argues that's it's ok as long as you don't care about lives. Where Tanya is different is that at some level, the entity that is Tanya is trying to avoid becoming that kind of inhuman.


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    @myskaros A side note- many asian cultures do not give a damn about the politically correct stuff. I know that in China they can and do make racist comments and it is considered a non-issue.
    Unless you are not chinese and making the comment about them.

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    @jampodevral Boy does that attitude resonate like crazy.

  • @jampodevral that sounds accurate for most anti-racism movements around the world. I mean, Afro-Americans always complain about racism but most of their activists are outright racist against white people. And if you call them out on this they call you a white priviledged pig, fortunately I'm Latino so that argument doesn't work against me and I can watch the REEEEEEE-

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    @paulnamida I'm probably biased because this is my church but I think this is a much more effective way to over come raceism than shouting at each other.


  • @paulnamida yeah that’s a good thing about being Hispanic is we can kinda slide by certain situations. But there is racism against everybody so no escaping it. I hate being called a Mexican for example cuz I’m not and it annoys me. Nothing wrong with being one, but just don’t assume all hispanics are. But yeah I feel like everyone runs into a racist or two every once in a while. I could careless if someone is racist and kept it to themselves in private, but once you start making it public we have a problem. So whenever I see someone’s career get destroyed because they were being racist to the extreme and being super open about it I just say good they deserve it.

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    @paulnamida Meh Racism is nearly everywhere. In the eyes of the most I am a Nazi as I am german. Then if you talk a bout americans many think of rednecks or weapon fetichists.

    But contributing to this. Isn't it naturally that many chinese don't like the japanese? Both nations have a strong nationalism and the war between them both does not help much to alleviate this. Doesn't both still fight about the rights to an island? Besides the hate China -> Japan goes also the other way. Atleast if I follow some sites which specialise in japanese culture which like to diss china with their exploding toilets or suddenly appearing holes in the pedestrian walks.

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