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    so there is one common complaint I have seen. People want to be able to read everything JNC has. I see some ways this could be implemented and in some ways, this can be troublesome.

    • adding an optional "Read all" payment. This would not work as how many people would pay for this extra payment and for how long will they pay it? once someone is caught up to the series they want to read there is no point in paying extra. also the Catch-up months would need to go away for this as you are paying extra to get full access to all series and if normal members get catch up then there is really no point for the extra payment.

    • making it a part of the Member and Premium. This would mean that these will need to be more expensive. Well, I do not know how much more expensive it would need to be I will leave it at that. if someone knows about how much each would have to cost for this then you can post it below.

    • creating a Series Token. This I see as one of the most likely options to work. JNC creates a Token ppl can buy (kind of like the credits) but this is used to unlock a whole series (likely for a set period of time). some of the consequences would be losing the Catch-up month as what point is there to buy these tokens if you can just wait a bit (though you would be waiting for months) to get access to the series.

    if anyone has anything to add to this and any ideas for the "read all" function then you can comment them below.

  • @drone205 yeah the series token would be awesome. Specially for series like Grimgar which has 10 volumes and will probably continue to get bigger. The price for the token is my question tho. It would probably change depending on the amount of volume said series has. Grimgar would probably be the most expensive series paying a series token would cost since by the time this is implemented it will probably have 12 plus volumes.

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    I think you mean Rokujyouma, which has 28 volumes. Granted, only like 15-16 are translated atm, they're still catching up the betweens, but still. :)

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    @hyferzftw well I think the Series token if it is access to one series for a set time (like 1 month) it would not matter the size of the series. The token would remain the same price no matter what since it is only for a set time. If it is permanent then It is not really that different then just outright buying it with credits.

  • @drone205 I guess, but reading 11 volumes plus in a month sounds crazy. I’ve read 3 volumes in like a 18 hour session of just purely reading. (Heavy Object LN) . But I guess the time limit for the token can vary in prices. Like if you already have the token you can renewal it for a lower price for said series token.

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    JNC honestly does not need to change it's services since at its core JNC is a publisher so their main business should be selling eBooks and not temporary access to already published volumes. Even if JNC completely removes the Memberships the only thing that would probably change are the prices for eBooks.

    Regarding the ongoing problems newcomers have when starting in JNC this could be easily solved if the FAQs page is further improved and make every newcomer read it first before finalizing their registration so that they could be sure to know what the service they are paying for. If they still don't understand the service after reading a new and improved FAQs they could then ask further questions in the forums. For me this is the simplest way in solving the ongoing newcomers problem that we have. Before I became a Premium Member a researched JNC for about a week by reading through the forums, the FAQs, and other forum sites that mentioned JNC. As of now I have never regretted my membership.

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    @bartzbb well This is just a discussion. In all honesty, I do not really care either way. I just made this for the discussion.

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    I know this is just a discussion. That's why I gave my opinion on how to solve to issue. I just replied to your post because you are the one who started the thread.

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    @bartzbb I kinda figured. I just think there should be a convenient way for people, especially newcomers can read a series they like that is not permanently buying books they do not want

    One of the reasons why I do not really care either way is I just buy the credits and read them from an epub reader (which is kind of the opposite of the reason I just said that I started this).

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    I think something like a Trial Token would be good to help users decide if they will want to buy the eBooks.

    It could be something like a token that is available for all members that allows them to unlocks the first 2 or 3 volumes of a series once a month so that they could then decide if they want to read further. The Trial Token can then be renewed on the 15th of every month so that all members have a chance to have a trial run for one series before actually buying the rest of the volumes.

    This could keep the current services JNC provides be the same like memberships and catch up month without affecting any prices and has the least risk for JNC.

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    @bartzbb I actually considered two things similar to this back when I was making the business plan.

    The first was giving new signups free reading for everything for like 1 week or 1 month.
    The second was selling free reading passes that are valid for 1 week or something (or even like, 24 hours).

    The former's major drawbacks are that it encourages spamming of new accounts, and for normal people it ends up with significant content being "taken away" from paying people after a certain amount of time. Both would cause a lot of negative impressions I wouldn't want.

    The latter is more reasonable. It would be a little tricky from a revenue sharing/royalty perspective, but I could lump the extra income in with the general subscription income and share it the same way.
    However the idea of having "multiple" tiers of payment for streaming content is against my general principals. It's a slippery slope from there to having "premium content" which you need an extra charge to access for the first week, etc, and although it might work eventually, CR and other successful membership services like Amazon Prime have learned the hard way how difficult a double paywall can be to make work.

    Instead, the compromise I came up with is the "catch up" titles every month.

    Speaking of which, I need to change it out for July... I think it's going to be Gimgar and Realist hero actually. Two big ones.

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    I figure even with a theoretically perfect "This isn't all you can eat like Netflix/Crunchyroll" FAQ, it'll still be ignored by n00bs that'll sign up without reading it who will them bitch about it.

    It'd help though, cause the current site isn't obviously enough for us to drop a link and laugh at the stupids.

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    @sam-pinansky Is there a theoretical catalog threshold of either books or series where you would think of truly turning JNC into "Netflix for LNs," or where you would consider (re)visiting the idea? I think the current dynamic works fine for now, but once you get a big enough library I think it could be worth losing the few subs to insane readers who finish everything in a month to get rid of the "books expire" stigma, since most people will not finish your entire catalog in even a few months.

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    @myskaros You're right and that's a very good question.
    I would need to redo how royalty sharing works in the contracts though.

    It would be easier to have, rather, a separate subscription and a separate selection of catalog titles that it gives you full access to, but NOT have it included in the simulcast sub. From a contract perspective anyway.

  • Well good to know it’s in your mind and is a possibility.
    Lucky for me I don’t use my premium credits I get monthly often, so if I ever like a series that I haven’t read I use my credits for it.

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    I just thought of an idea for this. How about once per year have a month that is a "read all" month. Any month would work but I think October would be a good one.

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    @sinnoaria I didn't really this idea would work, as least right now that is; Maybe in the future? maybe when JNC gets 100+ different series with an average of 10+ volumes per series. This would mean that there would be 1000+ volumes total and even if we say the fastest readers read at 1 volume per hour and that they for that one month spend all there free time reading.

    Lets then put this in three categories.

    we have a base of 8 hours per day is spent sleeping

    the workers/busy people ~ 72h free time per week (5 days with 8 hours free time, 2 days with 16), this means 288 volumes read.

    the free time people ~ 112h free time per week, this means 448 volumes read.

    Free timers with 4 hours of sleep per day ~ 140h free time per week, this means 560 volumes read

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    Lol, it takes me like 5 hours to read a light novel. Even longer if I use text-to-speech.

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