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    Hello everyone, I'm just here to give the news that "Dies irae", a very famous and well known Visual Novel in Japan and is renowned by those foreigners who know N1 level japanese and have praised it into the sky is now going to have a kickstarter for its' localization and release on Steam in the west! That's right, Dies irae will be translated into english!

    Now what's Dies irae? Well, I give you the synopsis first then a bit more in depth about what it's about from one of the translators. Who surprisingly also QC'd the Occultic;Nine vol 1 novel on this very website!

    alt text

    As the Soviet Union marches on Berlin in May of 1945, a secretive group of sorcerers and madmen gathers to perform a terrible ritual. They care nothing for the fate of the Reich. To them, the countless lives lost in the battle are the perfect sacrifice to fuel their spell. After the war, they vanish and are not heard from again, except in rumor. One day, it is whispered, they will return. And on that day, the world will end. Fear the demons in human form. Fear the Longinus Dreizehn Orden.

    Flash forward to present-day Japan. Fujii Ren is released from the hospital after two months spent recovering from wounds suffered in a vicious brawl with his best friend Shiro. As Christmas approaches, he tries to rebuild his life, clinging to what brilliance remains. But even that is soon threatened. For the knights of the LDO have returned, and brought the apocalypse to his doorstep. Forced to wield the same unholy power as his foes, will Ren be able to protect what is dear to him from the inhuman might of the Longinus Dreizehn Orden?

    Now, you might say. This sounds like some ridiculous alternative WW2 history over the top chuuni nonsense w/ Battle royale. Well, yeah. But it's so much more than just that.

    This twitter chain from one of the translators explains that it's a bit more than just that: https://twitter.com/DistantValhalla/status/805371593488822272 .

    We're all fans of Light novels here, so I thought since Visual novels are basically nearly the same except you know, visual. I'd thought to let our community know about it and see if some of you might be interested in this 60 hour long epic with over a 4MB script.

    Right now, you can give feedback and suggestions for improvement on Prefundia for the kickstarter campaign.

    I don't need to tell you how excited and thrilled I am about this opportunity of seeing it being released in the west and I hope some of you, might also have the same excitement as I have just about right now after reading this.

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    Will only be interested if mosaics are removed. Prefer no censorship at all in western releases.

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    @Bryan Pretty certain it will be mosaiced as I can't see Light wanting to take such a risk. Other than that, I don't think they'd have the assets anyways.

    It sucks that this might sink the campaign, but I hope someone might realize this game really isn't about that.

    Amentes Amentes is considered the full version of the game and it has no such scenes and censored gore and what not, this is being readded.

    Though for this campaigns sake I hope they clarify soon about this aspect of it.

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    @Fezu They actually stated that they're going to release an 18+ patch for free for all backers, so everybody wins!

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    @Sorujin Sadly, they're being ambiguous about whether or not it's fully uncensored or not. If this issue is fixed, at least we won't need to deal with so much negativity during the campaign.

    "Furthermore, a free, separate patch restoring the full 18+ version content
    will be available for backers at no additional cost. Details concerning the
    patch are forthcoming."

    Basically there's no guarantee they will provide unmosaiced assets and I doubt it, very much.

    By the way, I hope I am wrong. But let's wait and see what the campaigners are going to say. I hope it satisfies everyone as running a campaign with these issues at hand is probably going to prove very.. very badly for the campaign itself once it starts and I don't want this opportunity to be gone forever. This is a golden opportunity to get a very and I mean very, unique VN to the west that a few years ago I could've only dreamed about happening.

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    Ah, I suppose I prematurely interpreted the word "full" in "full 18+ version content" as meaning unmosiaced. I would hope that they'll release it in full. The phrase they gave in the paragraph before

    "Scenes of explicit violence that were altered in the original Japanese version of ~Amantes amentes~ will be fully uncensored. Such CGs will appear as the creators originally intended them."

    Makes me hope they would pursue the integrity of full uncensored ero scenes and maintain the standard of the creators' "original intention."

    Suppose we'll have to wait and see! I'll likely back it either way. I've been wanting to give this VN a play.

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    Any idea when the kickstarter will go live?

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    @Rahul-Balaggan Who knows, I'd expect something from a week from now to two weeks. Most likely they're just doing some smaller fixes before pushing it towards Kickstarter. Again, I don't know myself. But, that's what I expect.

    The Kickstarter was supposed to start in October, so take it as you want. I'd expect it very soon though! So smashing your piggyback is appropriate right now.

  • I'm not really into games, but I read on the kickstarter website, the one you linked, that there is going to be an anime for it in 2017; I'm pretty excited for that.

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    @Anthony A visual novel is more like a book than a game. It's basically all text and voice acting, and your interactivity is usually limited to choices.

    There's some great VN narratives, like Ever17, Clannad, and Steins;Gate. I liked Root Double a bunch too. 999 has puzzle gameplay, but that has can't miss novel sections too.

  • I'm kinda confused now.. what is the kickstarter for? I though it was to raise money so that a game can have English talking etc.

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    @Anthony Think of it as a book with images, the characters will be speaking in Japanese but the text will be fully translated into English. They're raising money to bring it over with english text to the western fanbase.

    Yeah, the anime is going to happen in Fall of next year, we were thinking they would do the kickstarter for the game during the anime airing. But instead, they went for this option.

  • Ohhh, that makes a lot more sense. Thanks.

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    @Anthony Yeah, I hope I wasn't too vague there. Light Novel fans I think would like VNs. They're a bit more of a time sink though (Root Double for instance is about 50 hours if you wait through the spoken dialogue; Steins Gate and 999 are probably both about 20 hours?).

    A few VNs have English voice acting, though those tend to be the puzzle oriented ones (Danganronpa, Zero Escape series). Majority have JP voices only.

    I try to stay as blind as possible on VNs besides knowing how long they are hour wise, so if I find that out for this, I'll go on blackout for it.

    Edit: 60 hours? Ok. Blackout time. xD

  • I don't think I would be able to do that, I'd get confused and get lost.

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    @Bryan Good news Bryan, they've announced that they are taking away the blurry stuff. Everyone's happy for once. Never thought Light would do that. But here we are.

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    You know that Japanese publishers don't like to mosaic their work either. I think that the younger company execs are finally beginning to realize that its better for overall to release things as they are intended for worldwide releases even if it does hurt sales a little at home.

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    @Sam-Pinansky it doesn't make sense how it would hurt sales at home lol. Sales in Japan are declining overall. That's why many are looking to the west now.

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    @Fezu if they put that information into official news, I'll be getting a physical edition!

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    Dies irae has launched and it looks very different from the prefundia. I think they took some of my feedback a bit too literally.


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