Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou

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    NAME: Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou (Aim the deepest part of the different world labyrinth)
    volume: 10 (on going)
    publisher: Overlap <3
    plot: Kanami, a young man that strayed into another world and suddenly awoke in a dark corridor is nearly killed by a demon and humans. Then preferring to use the status and skill systems Kanami aims for the deepest part of the Labyrinth.
    The skill [ confused ] consumes his emotions, and he befriends some unusual people, but while his spirit wanes in the other world’s Labyrinth he refuses to give up on returning to his original world

    PS - it's rare now to find a LN which in most of it's cover a male character exist XD so really we need to have this
    -as far as i know the MC is not OP from the very beginning, so it's really interesting

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    "Male MC on the covers!" Now that's one hell of a sales pitch! Too little info for me.

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    It seems the fan tl has resumed (well, restarted). I looked through bookwalker and really do love the cover arts for the light novel. Here's to hoping that this might get licensed in english. I don't care by who just not slowpress ;)

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    Bumping for exposure. Read the manga, and I think this series has potential.

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    @otonokakuei what were your impressions?

  • @yumenokage This is a story of traumatic human drama under the skin of isekai harem. This series specifically caters to audience who enjoys the suffering of the main character; as well as the audience who loves reading about the how and why totally insane people have gone mad, the consequences of their madness, and how they or may not find salvation in the end. The madness also steadily escalates as the story progress and can abhorrent to read even by the later half of the story.
    Simply put, this series is not entertaining, and the author wasn't trying to make it entertaining either. This series is for those who truly want to immerse in madness and the minds of sickening individuals.

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    @shmaster what sort of madness are we talking? Because some of my favorite characters are kinda (or very) unhinged as a result of trauma, but depending on how it's done it could be something I end up hating instead. Also, there's a harem thrown in? I'm generally not fond of harems, but depending on how they're implemented I may tolerate them.

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    @yumenokage Hmm, I'm not sure what @shmaster was talking about. Doesn't seem like he was talking about the series. There has only been a few chapters released for the manga, so I can't make a solid review of what it's actually about.

    The MC is thrown into an isekai without any "introduction" stage. His goal is to return back to his world to be with his sister. So far the world building has been nice. MC is pretty much at a loss about the world he's currently in. There are more mysteries thrown in than answers, and MC has to infer things for the sake of his survival. What I like is that the MC doesn't seem to be a pushover and that he's intelligent, cautious and determined to achieve his goal, all that while still being a believable character.

    However, as mentioned before, there are only a few chapters of this manga currently out, so I'm not sure if it's going to degrade or not. I haven't read the fan translated LN since I saw reviews saying of how bad the translation is.

  • @yumenokage It has a huge range of madness. From yandere exploding on MC to psychotic codependency, to (the equivalent of) drug addiction going wrong, to a mass murder with self imposed insanity (because he wants to understand another insane person), to a character with completely warped up self perception that has gone so far into the dead end that the author himself claims that no reader would be able to relate to that character (and if there really are readers that can relate to that character, then it means the readers themselves have serious mental problem too). The series top antagonist is a super bibliophile villain who acts like those nasty fanfic writers but hundred times more disgusting and a thousand times more unfair. Oh and finally there is this one character who is acting more normal under repeated brainwash and had his brain getting pulled like a gacha than being his plain normal self. And the list goes on and on and on.

    Though, the real meat of the story is about how these people became like this, and ultimately what salvation (or not) that have finally obtained at the end of their madness.

    And harem? There is a harem, but do not except a usual harem. The harem in this series is the equivalent of a mine field.

    I should say this. If you combine Masad Takashi and Sakurai Hikaru's writing and then divide it by 2. Then you'll have a good idea on how this series is like.

  • Cover for vol.13 released Jan.25thalt text

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    Judging from that particular artwork, isn't this series particularly edgy?

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    I've been buying a digital copy of the Japanese version of these books on bookwalker (which lets you buy the Japanese version but the user interface is unfriendly to people who aren't fluent in the language). This series focuses more on tragedy and mental sickness than edginess in my opinion.

    I'd love for J-Novel to pick up this license, but if you don't have a way to keep reading the series I wouldn't recommend you read this series because reading only a few books and then stopping would be really painful.

    Light spoiler as to why follows:

  • @Malloc

    Obviously you’ve worked it out, but if you ever see others in need you can point them to these guides and video tutorials that BookWalker Global provide for purchasing in Japanese:

  • Gorgeous Cover for vol.14 releasing June 25th.....HOW IS THIS NOT LICENCED YET?!?alt text

  • @Malloc Can you spoil which girls are in the MC's harem?

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    @animeman12233 I have only read a few books so far. So I don't know the full Harem.

  • @TheRedJet Too edgy?

  • @Malloc Yeah, can you list the people that you know?

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    Bumping. Hope this gets licensed this year.

    @Malloc got a question for you, will write in spoiler

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    This spoiler is only in response to @OtonoKakuei 's question

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