You wont grow if you dont invest into website and app

  • Google Japanese web novels and see if Amazon shows up or not.

    It's not like you can get the novels by subscription. Can't rely on sales of subscription to books.

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    I think the latest stat we saw was 75% of sales are through Amazon, so it seems likely that most people are buying stuff on there directly and may not even be aware of who the publisher is, let alone any issues with the publisher's website.

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    With the amount of posts and topics where users say something along the lines of “I was buying all my books from amazon and one day I saw J-Novel Club listed at the back and came to the site only to discover the greatness of premium versions” I have to agree with Guspaz people often don’t look at the publisher.

    With JNC in particular it hurts cause many users discover after the fact how much content they are missing by not buying premium ebook versions and they regret it, some (present company included) have to repurchase the kindle versions on this site for presidium content.

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    @rahul-balaggan I wonder if there are legal issues by mentioning in the normal ebooks that premium content is available by purchasing directly on JNC's site. If someone buys there once and notices it, they might buy from JNC's site directly next time. And that would mean more subscriptions too.

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    @terabyte don’t know about any legal issues, (probably none) however seems like an aggressive kick in the shin to say “hey you liked this book well come to sign up for a membership and buy it again for the premium content”

    Regrettably I think advertisement beyond advertising in an ebook is needed to draw consumers here before they buy on amazon, right now it is all tied to reddit, a bit of twitter and the majority word of mouth.

    They already are coming to conventions and when they have enough of a physical catalogue maybe they can get a booth and spread even faster.

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    I think the website is already great enough.
    J-Novel Club was formed by a group of fan-translators. They probably want to spend more time translating the books we all want to read. And J novel club must be a very small company.

    Although I admit the layout is a bit old-school but I find it charming in its own way.
    And the app is very fast. Maybe they are purposely trying to be simple and old-school? Well, I quite like it.

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    @aumi Wow someone with a positive opinion!

    Thanks, but the website really does need fixing, and the app could be way better.

    Also, JNC wasn't started by a bunch of fan translators. It's true that some of our translators/editors were fan translators in the past, but most of them (like me) stopped doing fan translation like a decade ago. I've been legit for a long time! Heh.

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    @sinnoaria for the pricing, the difference of the credit price for normal vs premium is 7USD for normal and 6USD for premium. So if you are planning to get ebooks then premium is the way to go. Also the prices are fair, JNC has to pay the translators money to translate and JNC needs to make a profit. If we simplified all the net gain to translation cost per month and other expenses (such as maintaining the site and licenses), the monthly subscription and Money from direct sales (such as credits and Amazon purchases), JNC needs a net profit. There is a lot of math to find an optimized price to get max profit and @Sam-Pinansky certainly had to do all that math. I think the pricing is fine, JNC should probably make it more clear the benefits of each subscription though (like how you get a credit per month and buying straight from INC gets you bonus stuff).

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    @sinnoaria CR is not a good comparison for

    1. CR is about anime while JNC is about LN

    2. you can buy a volume of a LN, that is why the premium is twice as much as the other as you seemed to forget.

    3. CR does not have the option to buy an anime series, if it did it would certainly way more then 6 or 7USD. If CR did have that and a premium where you get a season credit(12-13 episodes if 2-cour season) each month then it would be way more than JNCs 120 for a year.

    Another thing for the value is JNC translates at an extremely fast rate and even if the PRE-PUBS have typos the final product will fix almost all of them. The amount of typos in JNC books is not higher then any other publisher like Yen On or Seven Seas (heck I remember reading some Yen On and the shield hero books and the typos really bothered me while while nothing bothered me here).

    JNC has been getting series at nearly an average of 2 per month as of this point, and there are more to come.

    One last point the difference for normal to premium is 5.50 or 6.00 USD so if you plan buy books the premium is already better as if you were normal you would have to pay 1 more dollar and if we divide the type of spenders to low, med, and high with:

    Low) 3 books per month * 12 months = 36 books and therefore, normal is 36 books for 252USD, premium is 36 + 12 = 48 books for 216USD so that is a difference of 36 dollars with both buying same amount of books and difference of 120 with normal buying 12 extra to equal premium

    Med) 5 per month * 12 months = 60 books. Normal is 60 books is 420USD and 60+12=72 for 360. 60 diff for same buys, 144 diff for equal total books

    High) 10 books/month * 12 months = 120 books.Normal 120 is 840. Premium 120 + 12= 132 is 720. Diff of 120 for same books, diff of 204 if total books are same.

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    @sinnoaria I may have missed some points, I wrote it all on my phone and I can't see anything else other than what I am writing. I just think the pricing is fair and should not really change. And my main point is really that ppl who will buy the books should take the premium route, as it is cheaper and the more you buy the greater the divide becomes over other methods.

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    I just wish the library on the website was more accesible, and for pictures on the app to work(beta app does little to fix this(.

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