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    What sites do you use to watch Anime, witch ones do you like witch ones do you hates, why do you like or hate them and pretty much anything about sites you stream anime on.

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    I am think I am going to quit Crunchyroll after this season is over. I pretty much have 2 reasons

    1. I do not watch as much anime anymore

    2. I have a much higher bar of quality than I used to, Crunchyroll is just way below that bar.

    I have Hidive and still plan on using that as it does not conflict with point 2.

  • Are we strictly discussing Crunchyroll types of services or are we open to options on the high seas?

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    @cosm1cfall arrrrrrr, the high sees have anime sites too. All is allowed in this discussion.

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    Um, not that I have anything against the high seas, but perhaps that stuff should be avoided on this public forum?

    You know that JNC would be dragged in and seen as a promotor of the high seas if they didn't lock or delete the thread, and that would potentially be bad for business...

  • I used to be on Crunchyroll BEFORE it went legit. Right now, I'm happy with HiDive as they're redoing the LoGH translation and have Patlabor and Dominion Tank Police (rumor has it that they'll have some of the older NHK and Asahi series as well). Crunchyroll laid off some good developers and their customer service went seriously down. It's not the same product as before.

    As for pirate sites, haven't used them since the advent of Crunchyroll and Funimation and into the era. For me, there's no need. That said, I'm still from the era where I prefer 26 episode seasons and higher quality. For everyone in the US, it's cheaper than ever to be an anime/manga/LN fan, and I hope more people buy into it as they have the means.

    (And on that note, apparently I'm the only person in the US right now to completely own every Nihon Falcom OST release ever done. Remember when it was just impossible to get good OSTs and related merchandise?)

  • I have an Animelab subscription (Australia/NZ service only) since there is usually a few shows a season on it that I'm watching, also i want to put some money back in the Anime industry that i have taken soooo much from.

    Personally, I can't stand Crunchyroll. The website performance has always been very subpar. 80% of the time, I couldn't even get the show to start, and even when it did it would lock up halfway through. Don't get me started on the way that the site is formatted. For a site that has been around for so long to still have such a terrible website, not really excusable.

    Other than that, it's to the high seas for the other stuff I'm interested in watching.

    These days though, I don't watch as much. I spend most of my time and money on light novels.

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    I’m someone who prefers to watch dubbed so with Funimation now having simuldub that’s where I go.

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    Primarily I use Crunchyroll, cause out of all the legal services in Australia they have the biggest selection of seasonal anime. I use Android apps & Chromecast, so shitty web interfaces aren't something I run into.

    I don't watch as much as I used to, I used to also subscribe to Animelab as a backup cause it had things like Danmachi & Konosuba that Crunchyroll didn't have down under. HiDive is getting better now & often has a large overlap with Animelab for the stuff Crunchyroll doesn't get, so I let the yearly Animelab sub lapse & decide season to season if I go Animelab or HiDive as a backup.

    For those outside of Aus/NZ, Animelab is like an overlap of Funimation & HiDive's catalogues & has heaps of dubs, and HiDive tends to get the Amazon shows down under now it exists (Animelab used to, so it still has some of the older shows that were Amazon). NFI how Amazon's service is down here - the video streaming has started but dunno if the anime catalogue is there yet or still licensed by the other mobs in this region. I think Funimation even works here now but no idea what is actually available if you pay for it, we get region screwed a lot.

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    Funimation in Australia is actually really good, much better than animelab.

    You get most of their backlog both sub and dub.

    You also get everything they are Simuldubing seasonally.

    However you don’t get new stuff subbed anymore that all goes to animelab or Crunchyroll, so if you don’t like dubs you’re wasting your time.

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    Thanks, I'll keep that in mind for next time I want to watch dubs. Mostly I stick with subs hence Crunchyroll, but some series I prefer dubs. eg: when SAO Alicization arc comes out, or when I get around to watching DB Super - I'm too used to the English voices to switch for those.

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  • HiDive is my choice for anime streaming service.

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    I mainly watch stuff on Crunchyroll via my PS4. I haven't had issues with their PS4 app in ages, so I'm guessing the complaints are mostly about their website.

    I also have a subscription to HiDive, but find it virtually unusable. They have no console apps, and their iOS app was removed from the store. Their website sucks on anything that isn't a PC, and watching TV on my gaming computer is... uncomfortable. Maybe once I get my HTPC working again.

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    I have been a premium member of Crunchyroll since they went legit back in Jan 2009. Though I am debating on dropping it.

    While I want to do my part to support the industry in Japan, Crunchyroll seems to have some sjw agenda that I cannot support.

    I have have also seen a few comparisons of its quality vs other streaming sites (that are unfortunately for other countries only) and it is very sub-par.
    If google 'crunchyroll reduced quality' some of the articles and posts are from about a year ago but it still seems to be plaguing the service.

    I need to actively search for another avenue even if it's a couple different services at the same time.

    I mainly only watch on PC so I'll probably check out HIDIVE and/or use a vpn to another english speaking countries service.

  • HiDive is working on meeting the Apple requirements to get their app back in the store -- see here:

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    @jason-maranto Ah, so it's Apple's greed and not HiDive's fault. Good to know. Hopefully they fix it soon.

    I imagine given the increase friction with Apple, Google, and Steam, that 30% cut rule is not going to stick much longer!

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    @flarecde As long as Apple demand it (and they will), everyone else will copy it.

  • I've been subscribed to Crunchyroll since 2013 but I'm done with them after it expires in December. I've been unimpressed with their service for the past couple of years, and they apparently use my subscription money toward other avenues--their own convention, some original series that they told us nothing about, etc.--instead of improving the streaming service/website/apps.

    Trying to watch anything on their website would give me constant buffering at the lowest quality video; their Android app randomly freezes and/or crashes in and out of videos (I haven't been able to watch a single episode without it freezing for a couple of minutes, then playing like ten seconds of audio before the video decides to play again at much lower quality); the PS3 app has issues with video quality consistency, like the first few minutes of a show will be low quality before jumping to something better until the last minute or so and then it jumps back to low quality again. But I suppose that's preferable to what it used to be, when it wouldn't want to load videos at all. The iOS app has been the best experience as far as video playback goes, but everything else is really slow.

    I've heard they want people to use VRV instead, but I'm not paying more for content I'm not going to watch, much less with something that has the Funimation name attached to it. They've lost my business too.

    I like HiDive a lot, but it's definitely best on PC. The Android app works pretty well, as long as I'm using wifi. It just does not want to work on 4G. I don't know if it's the area I live in or what. Hopefully they'll get the situation with Apple figured out soon, since any show that has an "S" in its content rating won't play (and it turns out that's a LOT of shows). I'm also hoping they'll be able to get more content per simulcast season, and if other companies like Aniplex, Nozomi, and Eastern Star would make their shows available on the service, since right now it's just Sentai.

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    I too have canceled my renewal, and it's unfortunate because Crunchyroll truly does have the largest library and have also started adding quite a few older series, but that does not outweigh the cons and will not keep my membership.

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