Feature Request: Add a button inside the web to highlight/submit feedback about typos and spelling errors.

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    It's a little hard to describe and report suggested fixes to the text right now, e.g.:

    https://j-novel.club/c/how-a-realist-hero-rebuilt-the-kingdom-volume-8-part-6/read; ~83% position; "Kind Souma Kazuya" > "King Souma Kazuya"

  • @eugenewf what people usually do is go the series respective forum topic like for Realsit Hero V8 you go to this topic, all volume topics are listed in the members only section.

    Then you just say what part it is what % the mistake was around and leave the mistake there and the editor goes and finds them and fixes them.

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    makes sense, but if you have some spare developer cycles, it feels like the process could be streamlined so a reader could recommend a change right from the reader and the editor could just approve/disapprove the suggestion. (I'm thinking source code management style pull/merge requests, but that's just my personal preference.)

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    JNC has like 2 full-time employees, so there are no "cycles" lol. I believe Sam was reevaluating his business processes, but he's also just moved from Japan back to the US and is working on rolling out manga and app improvements, so not sure whether this is on his radar at all, or if he has the bandwidth to add it either.

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    There was a little bit of chatter within the last month or so in Discord with the dev currently working on the JNC app discussing that it would be a good idea to do this.

    However, that was just an informal "wouldn't it be nice if." My personal guess is that Sam would consider it pretty low on the priority list, since it's probably a feature that would take relatively a lot of effort for the an improvement that only a few people would use (compared to other requested features like adding bookmarks, queues, or other features more directly related to reading).