Elf Bride Manga Vol. 1 Discussion!

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    This is a really good manga adaptation, and it's a story that really benefits from it, too!

    Good to recommend to friends to get into the series, as well.

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    dot dot dot

    Looking forward to even more Nephy cuteness.

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    Nephie FTW!!!
    also did Sagan really just 18? I am in the impression that Sagan was actually 200+ year old.

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    Nice. We can see Nephy's cute reactions. I'm looking forward to the next chapters.


    Volume 1 - Chapter 1:

    • Page 7 ► The chapter's title background looks really bad. The white background doesn't match the letters at all. Was the JP text (roughly) deleted and english applied above with no redraw/anything?
      Page 7

    • Page 38 ► A couple of issues:

      1. The currency in the LN is not KURIOTES but CURIOTHES (top right).
      2. It should be THANK YOU VERY MUCH! instead of THAN YOU (missing K - bottom left).
        Page 38
    • Page 44 ► It should be IT WOULD TROUBLE ME (remove BE).
      Page 44

    • Page 48 ► Move the text to fit better in the box instead of going over Nephy's dress?
      Page 48

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    So very, very, very happy that JNC picked this one up. Thanks!

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    @terabyte ouch you’re right, that chapter title looks super janky and unofficial. Hope they can fix all that soon as I think it’s getting some ridicule online.

  • @legitpancake And here I thought slight alignment issues in Fairy Apartment were kinda bad.
    arhibes also had a screenshot with dialogue text getting covered by other line's outline.

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    Page 23 - "thanks to that we've got nothing nothing to worry about..." - duplication there

  • Page 4 - "clink" SFX is a noticeably different color to the Japanese SFX. The pattern used for "slip" on page 9 looks much closer.
    Page 5 - Second piece of text is rendered incorrectly and letters are overlapping.
    Page 13 - "Nap...?" is nearly touching both sides of the bubble, it should be slightly smaller to avoid this.
    Page 15 - Again, miscolored SFX in the top panel.
    Page 17 - Miscolored "ZLLLP".
    Page 18 - Leading on the first bubble is inconsistent, the text on the third panel is having rendering issues and overlaps.
    Page 19 - "CRACKLE" is miscolored.
    Page 21 - Bubbles 3 and 8 both have text that's too close to the border.
    Page 22 - SFX is corrupted text, no idea what's going on with that. Bubbles 8 and 9 need the text repositioned.
    Page 23 - Bubble 6, split "sorcerers" and drop it a line to shape the text better.
    Page 24 - Bubble 1 needs centering.
    Page 25 - Bubble 4 needs centering.
    Page 31 - Inconsistent leading in all bubbles.
    Page 32 - Centering.
    Page 33 - "CLICK" SFX has no stroke in the raws, "SWISH" SFX needs to be thicker with a thinner stroke.
    Page 43 - Narration font looks incredibly out of place.
    Page 44 - See above, and "THUD" needs recoloring.
    Page 45 - "GLANCE" needs a thinner stroke.
    Page 46 - Corrupted SFX again.
    Page 49 - "GLARE" needs a different texture.

    For general advice, the leading and font sizes vary wildly from bubble to bubble even when they're identical in the raws. I'd advise going over the entire chapter and keeping the font size consistent with the raws where possible, and keeping the font size/leading ratio consistent. There are lots of adjacent bubbles with different leading at the moment, which is very noticeable. There's also a lot of bubbles where the text was enlarged for emphasis but resulted in it being impossible to center, as well as some that simply weren't centered even when space was available. I also noticed some bubbles without punctuation, which looks very out of place. They're inconsistently placed, so I'm not sure if they're deliberate or a mistake. See Page 32 for two of them, bubbles 1 and 3.

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    Kuriotes is an intentional change that I've already requested be reflected in V1 of the LN. The rest are being looked into.