Manga reader and stuff that annoys me

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    @terrence Don't jinx it. I just ordered the Berserk HC. Hopefully they left the reading direction. The german ones were not flipped.

    And yes to add to the discussion. I clearly remember "Blade of the Immortal" (nice way to make something else out of a Swastika) and ther german Blame! Manga (Luckily not the Deluxe editions I just bought). How could anyone ever think it would be nice to flip the pages. Sure it was at first a lil strange to read from right to left but still better as mirrored images.

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    @gocav I remember buying my first manga and they were always flipped. Kamui, Mai the Psychic Girl and Xenon all put out by Eclipse Comics way back when. 25 page issues for $2 each biweekly. It was an exciting time first being able to read some of these, but we got it better now

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    I guess I'm lucky that I only started reading manga recently (?) I thought that 'backwards" was always correct (right to left/ the opposite of western comics) and just got used to would've sucked to become accustomed to reading one way, only for certain titles to be the opposite...

    in digital, crunchyroll/manga app 'trained' me pretty well - right to left feels natural now

  • @pleco_breeder it used to be (long time ago) that manga was reversed that is all pages printed back to front so most people become left handed etc. thankfully those days are gone though I would still like reprints of some of the classics laid out as the author intended