Value of Memberships

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    @serah - for the pre-pubs I use a cheap 10" Android tablet (Lenovo Tab 4) because I want a bigger screen than a phone. I use the Google Chrome browser on it.

    That makes sense for me because I also use it for reading the local newspaper and for playing some Android / Google Play Store games.

  • @harmlessdave I can’t read anything on my pc so I use my Ipad on a web browser since I don’t like the JNC app. Haven’t tried reading on my IPad pro tho. I only use it for drawing since I opted to buy myself the pro just for drawing and it’s also much heavier. Also I use google’s “play book” app to buy my books since I can pretty much use that app on different a different OS. I use to only buy on Ibook but realized if I ever stop using a IPhone or Ipads I can’t access my library on iBooks anymore cuz other OS won’t support it. But yeah I also do prefer tablets for reading.

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    @serah said in Value of Memberships:

    That way it would be easy using calibre to convert them to mobi and enjoy them as I would with regular books

    its possible but its too much hustle as its updated weekly for a title it would cost you more time to convert the prepub than to read it directly using browser and if you follow multiple title it would not scale quite well.

    any modern browser on tablet should be able to render the prepub quite nicelly.

    If I remember correctly and has not changed, in firefox mobile the browser version reader (prepub) also can be read using reader-mode, so you can save it on your browser to read it latter if the network is not always on. have not done this for the past 1-2 year tho.

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    maybe we need another topic? Website/ App wishlist?

    I'd like to see in the new app (that rumor has it) is in the works:

    • offline reading of prepubs: something like a button that allows certain pre-pubs to be cached/read offline (like if pre-pub installments were RSS feeds? and/or compatible w/ Feeder, or other app.

    • bookmarking: can mark where I left off in a portion, in case I need to get off the train, answer a phone call etc.

    • tagging of errors/limited markup: maybe a way to facilitate reporting of errors to editors w/ tags in the prepubs/ comments direct from the app (vs or in addition to reporting in forum)

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    I have read through most topics here which are accessible for non-members. A lot of issues and wishes and suggestions for the app/website mentioned are old and repeated a bunch of times. Would a new topic help?

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