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    @Paul-Nebeling I wouldn't be surprised if it was one of their usual plots. If you remember they are some plots they've pulled off while pretending to be completely ignorant of what's going one. It could happen, her joining the temple might have been one of their plots.

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    @Caroline I don't know if I would go that far. After all, Myne hadn't even considered joining the Temple until after she saw the book room.

    Then again, they are brothers...

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    @Paul-Nebeling In the anime; specifically the baptism arc, after they take a blood, there is a part where Ferdinand looks at her suspiciously and before that she had already produced plant paper an important commodity like that wouldn't fail to catch the eye of a Noble but it's all speculation so I don't know. You could call it one of my theories.

  • @Caroline In P3V1 part 2 it explains why he looked at her suspiciously during that time.

  • In the last chapter of P1V3 (post-Crushing of the High Bishop) Ferdinand says "I will prepare blue robes for her. Her primary job will be the upkeep of magic tools, just like our noble apprentices. That was what we initially had intended to do had the High Bishop not lost his mind, after all."

    I guess this is a bit ambiguous, because he says "that" was what they intended; it could mean [upkeep of tools] only, or [preparing blue robes, with upkeep of tools]. My original interpretation was that they had gotten permission for blue robes in the first place, which was why he was so agreeable to it, but I could be incorrect.

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