Chapter numbering

  • Firstly, while all of LN upcoming releases are listed with VOL. X in the manga names can have it spelled as VX, VOL. X, VOLUME X, or nothing at all which is a bit odd.
    Secondly, resetting chapter number to 1 on each new volume seems dumb considering that the numbering is continuous everywhere else (including your own releases) and story is more continuous as well, compared to novels.

    On the upcoming release list I would just remove volume number entirely because it doesn't matter that much if you do continuous numbering and people following it just wand the latest one, they don't care about volume number.

    Removing volume number also works in the app because thumbnails would give you a hint. Vol numbers may be even less necessary if you had chapters grouped by volume in some other way.

    Serie page on the site is going to look bad no mater what naming you choose so no comment there.