Manga Ebook FAQ (UPDATE: 21 August 2019 - KINDLE BOOKS ONLINE)

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    @nosgoroth I apologize, seems Exedore pulled a sneaky on me haha.

  • Some empirical info on resolution because no one's yet to tell us what JNC manga actually ends up being on user end.
    Disclamer: lots of speculation, misremembering, and maybe Doing it Wrong.

    JNC prepub:

    • Available in x1200, x1600 and x2048 resolution encoded as JPEG at quality of 90 (but sometimes in some other way idk)

    Kobo preview:

    • This one's most simple because they seem to serve untouched files JNC sends (quality 93 for fullcolor 90 for grayscale). Unfortunately, due to filesize restrictions the resolution is x1600.

    Bookwalker preview:

    • All images are x2560 at quality 90, probably reencoded

    Google books/play web preview:

    • The readers on and do similar (if not exactly same) things. By default you get served SD images (less than 1000px wide) that's either JPEG or 12-color PNG whichever The Machine decides to be better. Five bucks says the latter was designed for book scans and not manga so I won't be surprised if it leads to awful results sometimes.
    • By tweaking image URLs you can request images in whatever resolution which will be rescaled from original x2560 in some non-straightforward way.

    Google play download:

    Google play books android preview:

    • x2500-ish JPEGs

    ComiXology preview:

    • Preview images on volume's page of first batch can be requested in resolution up to x4075, although that would be an upscaled x3840. Second batch goes up to x3840 and latest is x3200 because nice things can't be had.

    ComiXology web:

    • Only SD is available (about 1000px in width)

    ComiXology android:

    • HD downloads available

    Q1: You sure you're using bullet points correctly?

    • A1: Yes

    Q2: so, ComiXology's good?
    A2: No

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    @_08 Thans for the info. I wonder what the hell comixology is doing…

    It should also be noted that JNC's prepub does "rearrange" the image (as some form of copy protection), which can lead to some additional image bleeding at the tile edges, especially in color pages.

  • @jaquobus said in Manga Ebook FAQ (UPDATE: 12 June 2019):

    which can lead to some additional image bleeding at the tile edges, especially in color pages.

    There's a 16-pixel overlap so it's neglectable on color pages and not even theoretically possible on monochrome as long as you're doing it correctly.

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    @_08 Is the "comixology android" image in the comparison you link to directly from the encrypted ZIPs, or a capture of some sort? I might purchase them myself to satiate my curiosity because I'm positive we exported x3840 PDFs (same 90 b/w 93 color quality) and sent them that

  • @chocolatkey Screenshot hotkey, the most brazen drm circumvention tool.

    All web previews listed above were plain JPEGs (or PNGs), Comixology's downloads are a bunch of encrypted JPEGs, 206MB total for fairies. For Play Books I only looked at network activity which also looked like encrypted JPGs.

    @chocolatkey said in Manga Ebook FAQ (UPDATE: 12 June 2019):

    we exported x3840 PDFs

    Hard to even blame them, knowing how much of a pain extracting from PDF is.

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    @_08 Gladly send them EPUBs or a ZIP of images, but they want PDFs. I don't know why, maybe their system does the whole conversion for them. I know they can do it right, because they did it properly for the Kodansha one's I've seen, last time I decrypted one. Might just suck it up and buy a vol

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    Updated on 31 July with info on the Realist Hero trial for kindle and chapter expiration policy.