July 2019 catchups!

  • Staff

    Independence Day in the United States is on the 4th of July! And with it, we have 4 series with 4 volumes each that are fully unlocked for JNC members to read!

    First off, we have a steampunk ensemble cast wreaking havoc across a Clockwork Planet! By the author of No Game No Life, it's got the same kind of zany energy with more robots and gears!

    What happens when you're in a story where you know how it ends? You might want to prevent your own death! However… with a lead this dense, My Next Life as a Villainess veers very, very far away from a tragic end!

    A classic story with a classic anime, Sorcerous Stabber Orphen features a classic hero trying to save the world… as soon as he pays his bills! Follow the rogue Sorcerer and his band of unwanted companions as he tries to scam his way to money!

    Last, speaking of "unwanted," read about a lowly adventurer who somehow wakes up as a skeleton in the middle of exploring a dungeon in Unwanted Undead! Can he reclaim his humanity, or will he be forced to "live" on as an undead monster?

    Remember to read your fill before the calendar turns to August!

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    3/4 I need to catch up with, so this is good.

    I just haven't read one volume in Clockwork iirc.