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  • I think that it wold be great that instead of using only a scroll down system of reading we could have the option of reading pages, having both of these options would be superb.

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    @theMario3721 I think so too! That was my plan, I wasn't able to implement pagination by launch time.

    It's a pretty hard problem on mobile, since you have to somehow program the pagination yourself I think. But I'll get it done, just give me a few updates.

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    Just don't remove the scroll down option, I find it way more comfortable.

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    I think the app is pretty great for it being just launched, its working well!

    I'd love to be able to opt for black page with white text and pagination would be good too.

    If you get a lot of titles, the ability for members to create bookshelves or collections would be good.

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    I would also like a collections/favourites for when there is more selection so I can easily access what I'm reading. It would be nice if there was a way to mark parts as 'read' as well so I can keep track of where I am with stuff. :)

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    @Demelza Marking parts as "read" is an easy feature to do, will definitely put it in next version.
    We obviously keep track of how much of each part you read for our own analytics and royalty reporting

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    if there was a way for us members to remain logged in I would greatly appreciate it! I think everytime i close the app it logs me out, which is a shame when I want to access member only content (thought its such a tiny inconveinence)

    Also regarding the app it requires data / wifi correct? for the future would it be possible to access the apps or save them to an area of the app in order for us to read them when I don't have internet connection. I had that issue this morning as I currently have no data and have to pre-load a chapter before I leave, meaning I can only read 1 chapter before having to reaccess the wifi connection

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    @AviNyah The app should be remembering your login status! It saves the token locally to storage and tries to login automatically when you open the app up again.
    If it's not doing that, then there's a bug for me to fix.

    As for offline reading, definitely something to consider. But right now the entire app loads data from the backend and saves nothing locally at all, so having it be truly offline compatible will take some work.

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    It would be amazing if you could add a little synopsis for each series. That way we can decide which light novels we are interested in

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    thanks for getting back to me, I will keep you informed if this login issue is a bug or not and obviously im glad you will consider offline reading but take your time! it's a lot of work.. :)

  • Regarding suggestions for application improvement, I'd like to suggest a feature that I'd personally appreciate:

    Being able to adjust the background/text color of the reader.

    White text on a black background, for example, is a lot easier for me to read in a dark room on my (AMOLED display) mobile phone with the brightness turned down.

  • @AviNyah said:

    [...] Possible to access the [chapters] or save them to an area of the app in order for us to read them when we don't have internet connection.

    This is really important considering the size of each part/chapter.

    @mirrinigma said:

    Being able to adjust the background/text color of the reader.

    I second this, having a night mode would be nice.

    Other than that the reader should keep the screen on even if I'm not touching it.
    A "currently reading" tab and resume button for people who can't be bothered to remember what they already read, especially when you get more novels available.
    The design of the app should come with time but I ask you to consider the Material Design by Google, I think it should be easier for you to implement it than coming up with one from zero. (I'm not sure what you should do about iPhones though.)

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    @Kasu Actually our website uses react-material-ui as the basis for its buttons and forms, but significantly customized.
    There's a lot of little work that can be spruced up with the ui when it comes to feedback responsiveness and small animations which can really help the experience as a whole, I agree. Rome wasn't built in a day!

  • @Sam-Pinansky Just hope you fix the problem of the images not showing on the app with this first update, iy's the worst problem at the moment. Adding an pages mode and offline reading are secondary as I see, although still important problems to fix.

  • @Sam-Pinansky @theMario3721 I also had this problem on mobile, but now it seems to only happen on part 1 of Oc9, Big Sister and Brave Chronicle, I checked every released part, this is a weird issue.

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    Hello @Sam-Pinansky
    First off, great project here and I'm really looking for it to succeed. I did have a question about the app however. The text size is pretty small, and I will use the menu to increase it when I'm reading, however I noticed that if I restart the app, the default text size re-appears. I was wondering if there was some setting to set the size to a permanent one?

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    @GokuuSon Saving display settings is on my list of functions to add! Shouldn't be too difficult.

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    I would like to be able to change the sorting of the books . Right now all the newer parts are at the top of the app when I open, and I am the tupe of reading that likes to see the newer stuff at the bottom.

    I am sure I am in the minority here, but I would still like the feature if it is possible.

  • My number one feature request is unexciting but right now the reading interface doesn't support the iOS native "look up" function. Now light novels don't have an expansive vocabulary but this feature offers encyclopedic access too which would be nice for the more obscure terminology in o;n or checking references in siskan

    Besides that I expect we will get the typical bookmarking and etc features in good time.

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    Update for everyone!

    I've successfully implemented a dynamic pagination solution for mobile, and it's currently working on my dev system. The only thing left is to re-implement the code that jumps to the last place you were at when reading a part (or after changing the font-size/font).

    Downside to this implementation is only that it won't split up text in a paragraph. It will always split at beginning or ends of paragraphs, which means it might not display right if there's a single paragraph that takes up more than a page (haven't really tested that yet, but there's that one bunny-girl rant in Brave Chronicle I'd be worried about)

    In order to deal with that I would have to program some kind of special case which would split up the text in a paragraph... Maybe for another version!

    In any case I need to implement controls to switch from horizontal to vertical mode and back, and the earlier mentioned scrollTo functionality for resuming... So I'd estimate new app version coming in 1 week or so? Also want to explore those Android image bugs people pointed out.

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