Print Editions of Grimgar and Occultic;Nine from Seven Seas!

  • We're proud to announce a collaboration with Seven Seas Entertainment to bring print editions for Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash, and Occultic;Nine to you!

    See details here!

  • This is fantastic I will definitely be buying. A few questions if you don't mind, I know it's early but I had to ask:

    -Will the book spines have you as the publish, Seven Seas as the publisher, or a combination of both?

    -Will the Books have all the premium content inside the book or will you reserve that to only the premium editions?

    -Will you print to Japanese Light Novel standards, or to Yen Press Standards?

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    @Rahul-Balaggan These are all questions better asked to Seven Seas, but I'm pretty sure I can answer them:

    1. Seven seas is the publisher, but our logo and brand will also be on the back cover (I'm not sure about the spine, that's probably TBD).

    2. That's a good question, and it's something that will be an ongoing discussion.
      For some books, like for example Brave Chronicle (which is not getting a print run, but let's assume it did for discussion) the premium feature was about 6 color character design images... Printing 6 extra color plates for a print edition might raise the printing cost significantly, so those might not be included, for example...
      I'll have to discuss what to do about the special feature I created for Occultic;Nine.. It might be best to have my photos in black and white of Cafe Blue Moon since they were low quality to begin with.

    3. I'm not sure exactly what you mean by the two standards, but questions about the printing quality you should address to Seven Seas, I'm not going to micromanage that kind of thing as I'm not a book printing expert!

  • @Sam-Pinansky Thank you. Even if Seven Seas is the publisher I will always think of them as J-Novel Books.

    Super jazzed to have some J-Novel Physical copies on my shelf later on.

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    Sweet, super excited about getting some of these in print. Will definitely get Occultic;Nine. Hopefully many more to come (My Big Sister Lives in a Fantasy World, please!).

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    Really excited to see this partnership. I've purchased from Seven Seas before and I like what they do. I'll definitely get Grimgar when it comes out and will probably double-dip in the future if more series come to print. Even though I'm print>digital for the most part I'm still going to maintain my premium membership because I like what you're doing with J-Novel Club and hope to see more series from you guys.

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    Yes! Getting Grimgar for sure. Hopefully they release quickly as they are already translated.

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    @RikiSanic I think there will definitely still be plenty of series that will be digital only for the near future, and you can use your premium credits on those!

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    Well, this was really unexpected. Really thought that would take a while till we had our 1st Physical Release. Really Happy :)
    Though I haven't started yet any of these series. Will try checking the Preview of both of them and if is something that I'm interested then I will buy the physical releases. ( Though I'm sure that I will enjoy them :3)
    Edit: Probably will catch up to them and also buy the physical releases -,-''

  • Well now, I was not expecting a news update like this today. But I'm still glad to hear it. Now I'll be able to own Grimgar in E-Book, English, and Japanese...I think I may own too many copies of the same book... I digress.

    All in all this is great news and it definitely opens up the possibilities.

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    Seven seas is like my favorite manga company, I'm a fan of Re:monster, I like buy a ton of stuff from them, maybe I'll buy these too, I would Love if you brought over the light novel version of Re:Monster

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    Hopefully the covers are high quality with sleeves. Too many western physical releases are low quality covers.

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    @Bryan I have heard from some publishers that US bookstores do not like carrying sleeves for paperback books. I guess it's less convienent when handling them in stores?

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    @erictbar I treat my physical books like collector items. So if it's low quality cover and paper that would suck.

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    What about people don't living in the US? I want to have Oc9 so badly, where can I bough a copy when they release it?

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    @Aura said in Print Editions of Grimgar and Occultic;Nine from Seven Seas!:

    What about people don't living in the US? I want to have Oc9 so badly, where can I bough a copy when they release it?

    Book Depository ships worldwide.

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    I'm excited to have heard about the deal with Seven Seas, I'll have to be sure to pick up Grimgar once the physical volumes hit!

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    Nice, great news! I will buy O;9 for sure! I'll probably leave Grimgar as I like that one okay but not as much.

    Hope Realist Hero and Faraway Paladin follow!!

    With them doing Lodoss Wars LN and Cutie Honey manga, 7 Seas is really firing on all cylinders!

  • Awesome. I held off buying Grimgar in Japanese because I considered that there was a high chance of it getting an English language release. Then the announcement of the ebook only came and I was kind of disappointed although nonetheless buoyed by the fact that you had mentioned that physical releases were possible for titles that warranted it - and if Grimgar doesn't warrant it I'm not sure if anything from the two Japanese publishers would. And now we have the confirmation!

    Which means I'll finally be able to buy and read the series.

    Am I weird for making an account straight away on a site of an ebook-only publisher when I don't read ebooks?

    So this is what Seven Seas were going on about looking for someone interested in light novels...

    Anyway, looking forward to buying and reading the series come summer.

  • Oh. This was out of the blue sky. I'm really excited to owning a hard copy of grimgar. Damn I need to get a part time job!! Lol --__--
    I have a few questions though.
    First, when will the first copies arrive?(sorry if it was mentioned, didn't see anything).
    Second, how long interval will it be between each volume? And that won't slow down the e-books right?
    Third, you guys will be able to ship world wide right? Eg. Sweden etc?

    This year is gonna be my first year actually buying Light Novels.(I've been into anime for a year now). Ahh J-Novels, I'm really gonna sleep sweetly today.