The strongest magician with the highest attack power - The great swordsman with a strength of 9999, reincarnate and walk the second life-

  • Japanese: 攻撃力極振りの最強魔術師~筋力値9999の大剣士、転生して二度目の人生を歩む~

    Synopsis: (Due to the lack of English translations available and online translators giving me bad translations, unfortunately, I can’t provide a synopsis. If anyone can help with a synopsis, that’ll be greatly appreciated.)

    Publisher: Overlap
    Author: Kametsu Tomobashi
    Illustrator: Laplacian
    First released: 25/2/2019
    Volumes: 2
    Status: Ongoing

    Volume 1 cover:
    alt text
    Volume 2 cover:
    alt text

    I apologise for the poor attempt since this is my first time. Constructive feedback is welcome.

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    So as opposed to Shield Heroine, we have glass cannon-chan? Like Megumin
    Although I've also played games where "strength" can also mean health pool, so I guess she could be a tank with max health, very little armor, and little attacking power.

  • @LegitPancake Unless someone can fan translate it for a WN, we’re pretty much in the dark when it comes to an accurate understanding of what it is.

    However, from what I’ve been able to extract from numerous translated synopses, the MC was a powerful warrior who defeated a demon king. 300 years later, he’s reborn as the son of a nobleman with the same overpowered warrior stats as his previous life, except instead of becoming another warrior, the MC wants to become a court magician because of everyones expectations. Due to his overpowered stats, he easily passes the entrance exams and enrolls at the academy/school, where he stumbles upon a female comrade from his previous life in their dormitory room, posing as a boy. The synopses hint more to be revealed. That is all I could find from volume 1. Whether the girl is like him, ut vice-versea, a magician who wants to be a swordswoman. Only a fan translation will tell.

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