Average Abilities anime adaptation

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    @malloc The official premier of episode 1 is still 9 days away, they haven't made their formal time slot announcement, but it should be coming soon.

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    While this wasn't a bad first episode I hope for the next one we can take a step back so we can see how Mile got to where she is rather than the show just expositing it to us.

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    Well it looks like the anime crew have decided to add a lot of new material for better or worse. I hope some of the cut material gets animated eventually and Marcelina's cameo gives me some hope of that.

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    I’m having fun with it currently the changes aren’t bad at least to me

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    I felt Mile character was like being forced to act cute. Nevertheless I did enjoy the first two episodes.

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    Actually, this seems to be following the manga more than the light novel. The manga pretty much started out just like this and they eventually did flashbacks to bring Marcelina and the rest in on a kind of flash back episode. It's not the first time that the manga deviated from the light novel and certainly not the first time the anime followed the manga more than the light novel so I'm not too surprised by this.

    But all that said I'm not dissapointed with the anime thus far. It is certainly funny enough on it's own so I intend to keep watching and see where this goes. There is one saving salvation in this though...

    At least it didn't turn out to be another Arifureta!

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    I just did not see the need to add the comical villains into the story, let alone have them take the place of the Roaring Mithrils in the graduation fight or for Mile to use such OP magic at the end. Mile is usually pretty good in hiding her OP Magic, sticking to her speed and strength for the most part. Isn't the whole point to Mile's story is that she wants to seem average, but keeps messing it up .... usually in ways that she thinks she is acting like a normal "average person/adventure" but everyone sees right past it.

    Like during sword fighting class/testing... She always blocks all attacks against her because she is afraid of getting hit, only to finally allow a light hit to land on a well padded location. Mile thinks she pulled off the defeat naturally, but everyone else is well aware of what she did.

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    I agree, heck it gets worse than that since the anime staff completely missed the entire point of the tournament. In the light novel their was never really any question who the winner would be but so their was no drama their, however it was all part of Mile's plan to make her friends seem more amazing than her which naturally fails. Hopefully the anime can get back on track now.

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