Why are releases pushed back without notification?

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    I have an issue with J-Novel posting release dates for Ascendance of a Bookworm and then changing them at the last minute without any notifications of any kind.

    This is currently happening with Part 2 Vol 2 Part 6. It said it was to be released on 12/6/2019 and now after wanting to read it, the date has changed until 12/7/19.

    There needs to be more consistency please.

  • @exar88 said in Why are releases pushed back without notification?:

    and then changing them at the last minute

    Nah, they change it after the last minute.

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    Bookworm tends to get pushed back, probably because the parts are much larger than most.

    My rule of thumb has been that anything scheduled for midnight is "uncertain" or "it's done when it's done", but that's just my personal take, I haven't looked for anything official on it.

    Of course, that hasn't stopped me from staying up late on the chance it is released, it's worth it (:

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    I don't think the op is concerned why certain releases get pushed back or even that they happen...delays are inevitable.

    Just that there should be more transparency and more notification that there will be a delay.

    At least that's my take.

  • It's not like some kind of conspiracy to rob everyone of your enjoyment, it's literally "a part was supposed to go up, oh it's not up yet, let me ask around... no one is available, I guess I'll move it back a day so that there isn't a broken link on the front page while I figure out what's going on."

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    Sometimes the editors or translators post in the respective threads if something is being delayed, or gets delayed a couple of times in a row (I've seen posts in bookworm to that effect a few times), but it seems like the best place to get information is the discord channel. Often times I'll see people post that such and such mentioned on the discord that series whatevers are being delayed due to all sorts of reasons ranging from translators and editors getting sick, unexpected events, travel causing issues, conventions taking away staff.

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  • This is a Suggestion & Feedback topic regarding new part delivery consistency on J-Novel Club’s website, let’s keep any Yen Press related theories/criticism in their own topic.

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    Well, at least Quof is not hit by a lightning this time.

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    @hiroto We should raise money to send Quof a Splash Damage shirt.

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    I have no issues with something being delayed or pushed back. PROVIDED that they actually acknowledge or mention that there's a delay, even after the fact.
    What I do find annoying is silently changing the schedule without mention. To illustrate, here is what I did late last night.
    Went onto JNC, noticed that AoaB P2V2P6 was scheduled to be available in an hour, took note that meaning 1AM my local time, decided that if I was still awake, I'd take a look at it. Then set a notification on my phone to warn me. Left and did other stuff until I received my notification.

    Then I used the JNC app. Saw that it only went to P2V2P5. Figured that some index somewhere wasn't updated.
    Then I went to the web site and looked at the titles. Once again, saw that it only went to P2V2P5. Figured it used the same support system as the app.
    Then looked at the release list, scrolled down. Saw bookworm and the available link. Clicked it and got the page not found.
    Was annoyed.
    Went away and did other stuff.
    Came back much later, just in case it was a matter of updates being delayed.
    Looked at the release list again. Saw bookworm. Then noticed the date was for Sunday. Paused, then scrolled upwards. Noticed that the date seen was Friday. Figured I somehow missed Saturday. Scrolled down until I saw the next date. Saw it was Sunday. WTF!?!? The release schedule had been quietly updated without any notice or mention as if Saturday never existed.

    That lack of notice is annoying.

    Once again, delays happen. That's acceptable. But please make a notice or mention of the delay. Don't just quietly change the schedule and act as if nothing has happened.

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    I do not mind if a release is delayed, because the product comes out better, but what I do care is that J-Novel does not post any kind of notification, whether that be on their page or on social media like Twitter.

    If they were consistent in providing notification regarding delays I would happy and prepare accordingly for such delays.

  • @jcochran No one's acting as if nothing happened, it was like midnight when I got pinged and I was about to go to bed, so I checked the status of the part, waited for a response, decided it wasn't coming, pushed it back, and went to sleep. I am sorry you were so unduly inconvenienced.

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    @myskaros Take a look at the release schedule. Do you currently see anything mentioned for December 7th? Look elsewhere on the web site. Do you see anything outside of user comments in the forums about a delay? I know I haven't been able to find any such notice or acknowledgement. Hell, if the release page still had a December 7th entry for AoaB with a line saying "Delayed until Sunday December 8th", that would be more than sufficient. But quietly deleting the December 7th entry and making a new December 8th entry isn't what I would consider acceptable behavior.

  • I think everyone should take a breathe here, this was and still is a suggestion topic and it has already been noted by J-Novel Club.

    As for acknowledgment of the delay say what you will but Quof already made a general comment about it.

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    @rahul-balaggan I completely agree. Life happens and things get in the way. Generally there is mention of a delay, but life isn't perfect and stuff happens that you just can't control. These releases are larger than most so a one day delay is no big thing. Same thing happened when "Smartphone" volumes were being translated in 6 releases or less. So, please try to understand that things don't always go according to plan and give the translators a break. It's not an easy job to translate this much content at this pace.

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    @lighthawk96 I have no issues the translators getting behind schedule. I agree that things happen and delays occur. But on the other hand, I also doubt that the translators are the same personal who are managing and maintaining the web site. It is with those people that I have an issue with. Instead of silently editing the schedule whenever a delay happens, leaving no notice or acknowledgement, it would be far better to leave an official notice of the change.

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    Notices are nice, but I don't really expect them right away unless the problem is known in advance (like with the last convention JNC attended). Like with bookworm, I wouldn't consider a notice by staff in the discussion thread 1-2 business days after the initial delay to be unreasonable (heck, if it only moves out a day, I don't even expect an explanation for that particular series) considering it's been discussed before that due to the aggressive release schedule they're trying to maintain for the series, any crimp in the plans tends to cause a delay.

    If you have a burning need for up to the minute information, the discord is probably your best bet. Social media and web sites are constrained by the fact only select individuals can update them (generally speaking even in smaller companies like JNC, you aren't handing out the passwords to the company twitter account to everyone), and while I'm not sure if there's any etiquette guidelines for the forums, I would imagine that unless it's something crazy like someone was hospitalized, they're generally going to wait for the people working the project to post the reasons for any delays.

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    I know how you feel, thinking of those days when I had nothing better to do than waiting hourly for certain manga releases and such to be available.

    Though, life is life and I rather consider it a bliss, if schedules with novels/manga etc. are not postponed. Even if it is just a day.

    For that I have seen worse situations where suddenly an author throws a tantrum, etc. whatever, boycotting the release or even died in the middle of a super interesting story arc because of a tsunami.

    I can imagine some people prefer the "Scotty variant", where the item is scheduled for a later date but then released sooner...

    That said, I appreciate seeing J-Novel Club releasing statements about important events which delays released understandably - like the change of editors.

    In my opinion life is short - and it is shorter when getting yourself unnerved. Up to you if you feel it is worth it. A one day delay would not be much of a disaster to me. Probably sad since your weekend to read it is cut one day short, but still.