How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom

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    I love the manga adaption of the light novel (currently) as much as I do love the light novel itself. Especially for the art style which reminds me of works by Toriyama and Oda, considering the scarce usage of screentone foils (is this what it is called in English?).

    And the fact that it stays so close to the original, that it looks like exactly how I imagined it while reading the light novel makes me really happy. I cannot wait to see the rest of the series adapted, though it might take years if there is the hint of a chance that the manga catches up to the novel...

    What is your opinion so far? Do you like how close it sticks to the light novel? Do you like the art style? While I am totally into the art of the manga, I am afraid that unlike with Slime, Bookworm, Isekai Smartphone or Deathmarch - there is little to no chance that the manga art style would be used for an anime adaption.

    Also, anyone noticed that in the first volume the line of Juna during the octopus tasting is taken by Hakuya? Is that a translation error in the novel/manga or rather originated in the Japanese source material?

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    I think the art style is interesting, but I started reading the manga after I binged like 9 volumes of the novels, so the art style was a little hard to get used to. I also do like the fact that there aren't many screentones! A more recent series that it reminds me of is 7 Deadly Sins because I think it has a lot of similar pages where there aren't many panels per say, but you can see see a lot happening. Also there's some generous use of white space around the edges of the page, which makes it a little distinct in my opinion.

    If I had to really complain about anything, it's the bust sizes... I really liked the illustrations in the novels because even though they weren't hyper-detailed, everyone looked a little like fate/stay night characters, and body proportions weren't really exaggerated. Basically they were more "comfy" for lack of a better word, and it seems like the manga is aiming more for the gritty, salacious HBO series kind of angle (lol). Nothing wrong with that though, I'm sure it will expose the series to a different range of people who wouldn't be interested in the novels' cover art.

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    Probably... I too was put off by the "featured" surprise details some character got in the manga... Yet from a different angle, the manga art style came off more natural to me. More fitting to the novel's description.

    To me those featured details certainly does not work as a bait... but the details in general that manga offers. <3

    Funny enough - it was that rather bland coverart of the very first volume which caught my interest when I was pondering whether to buy or not to buy the series. The artist of the novel's illustration did awesome work in the colouring. I wonder if we can see in the future a wide image in the manga style yet coloured. That would be some highlight to me.

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    @serah It would be cool to see full color art of the manga style! Maybe while it's serialized it might get some color pages... I'm not sure if JNovel will upload them depending on if they use the materials from the collected volumes...

    I agree about the cover art and coloring of the novels too! I picked up the series because the description of the story sounded like something up my alley, and I got vol. 1-6 at once. The color pallet is very easy on the eyes and I like how everyone has their own hair color or clothing style to help them pop a bit beside each other :D