Infinite Dendrogram Vol. 11 Discussion!

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    I thought Gloria was deployed to get our current four Superiors to reach that stage, but then in this part they're already referred to as Superiors so I guess not?

    Part 2

    News of these events both sudden and devastating to the kingdom as a whole.
    --insert "were"

    Many ludo Masters thought of SUBM fights a major facet of Infinite Dendrogram's late-game content.
    --insert "as"

    They and the high-ranking clans instantly mobilizedto defeat Gloria.
    --missing space

    Its insta-death field was fatal, but nothing prevbented you from attacking it from outside its range.

    he had became the functional leader of Altar's church.

    because he didn't want to expose his weakness to the many others gathered there and didn't want to Figaro to be aware of his own weakness either
    --delete "to"

    it had beenpostponed until the next generation.
    --missing space

    This was a technique that increased the potency of spells by combining the magic power of casters who possessed the unison magic skill and simultaneously cast a spell using a specific chant.

    and most believed that only highly trained tianswere capable of it.
    --missing space

    If it is indeed truly evil, may it sufferunrelenting retribution."
    --missing space

    Thus, the imperium's second armored battalion mpved in to finish it off with their strongest weapon.

    "This hasn't been used in an actual battle in about a century, hasn't it?"

    there were scarcely ten shells in existence..
    --extra period

    Of course, they saw enough of a reward for using a Supergravity Shell in this battle: the very defeat of Gloria itselft was the very defeat of Gloria.
    --???, also stray "t"

    the onlookers could only see a black, sphericale space.

    The more fearsome the creature, the greater the joy and reliefof beating it.
    --missing space

    Feeling a sense of foreboding, the commander opened the Geist's hatch and looked what was happening outside.
    --insert "at"

    He stared intothe hole that was supposed to have been Gloria's grave...
    --missing space

    it only judged whether you werethe right level or not.
    --missing space

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    @yumenokage At this stage they have superior jobs, not superior embryos.

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    @sniper_samurai ah, okay, that makes sense

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    @sniper_samurai hmmm, I think I forgot, but what's the difference?

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    Gonna quote it straight from V1:

    Superior Jobs:

    “Superior jobs were extremely difficult to acquire, and on top of that, only the first player that acquired the job would be allowed to equip it. Also, the greatest feature of Superior jobs was that they had no level cap.”

    Superior Embryos:

    “The first to third forms of an Embryo are called low-rank, while the fourth to sixth forms are called high-rank,” explained my brother. “And then the current highest level that can be reached, the seventh form, is called a Superior Embryo. It’s called this because it surpasses the limits of the high-rank forms.”

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    @rahul-balaggan ah, so you can have one and not the other then. Thanks!!

    Also, is there a good wiki for everything so far? Getting hard to keep track of all chars, countries, orgs, jobs, etc.

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    @seltzermx said in Infinite Dendrogram Vol. 11 Discussion!:

    @rahul-balaggan ah, so you can have one and not the other then. Thanks!!

    In fact, it's much more common to have a superior job than a superior embryo. Superior jobs - while they are each unique - exist as a one per class grouping, and dendro has a lot of classes, with some being region exclusive, and others being discovered as time goes on. Also the requirements for the superior jobs aren't always known making some people acquire some superior jobs by just going around and doing their thing. What's more, as with anything, Tians can also possess a superior job - while obviously, only Masters possess an Embryo

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    No YOU'RE crying!

    So now we know what Shu's reward will be like, at least in a general sense.

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    Damn it.

    That is all.

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    That definively leaves a bitter after taste....

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    I kept thinking this guy is a version of the same character as Ray... Maiden Masters have a rough path.

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    Really wondering what Ray is going to have to deal with on his path...

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    Since we already knew the outcome, we all knew the fight was doomed from the start. But the writing still made me want to deny it and cling to false hope, and believe for a moment that they might somehow avert the death of the dude's wife at least. ;_;

    Part 3

    It was also a way of experimenting, in the hopes that they would discover the conditions for unlocking Superior Job.
    --"unlocking a Superior Job" or "unlocking Superior Jobs"

    To Masters that could enter the Fatal Field, the only dangerous things were Gloria's stands and light breath, but the latter had been sealed by Lahmu. And though its stats,

    It was actually number of parties and clans, and all maxed-out, skilled players who jumped in to attack Gloria.
    --insert "a", "a large", or similar

    The tail was Gloria's greatest mean of attack now that its breath had been sealed,

    Foltesla then matched its movements, setthe blade against it...
    --missing space

    But if the creature had a core that ruled over the other organs, the heart was little more than piece of flesh.
    --insert "a"

    There was no telling when this began, but it seemed like the wounds the Masters had dealt toGloria had transformed into toothless mouths,
    --missing space

    His defense should've been above Gloria's.
    --"His offense should've been above Gloria's defense.", based on context

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    Well, that was utterly depressing. Bring on Shu.

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    Oh my, Fuso Tsukuyo is a really merciless negotiator isn't she?

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    And it was nice seeing more backstory for Figaro. I finished rereading the older volumes last week and kind of connected the dots already, but it's still neat seeing everything laid out by the author...

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    @microwavey said in Infinite Dendrogram Vol. 11 Discussion!:


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    I found these mistakes/typos in the latest part (4)

    5% - "... only one person capable of that: was one of Altar's Superior Jobs, which..." - The "was" is not needed there.

    10% - "... and you could not do much besides buy a little time." - It should be buying

    15% - "...own thoughts with a wry grin, then taking out a pocket watch" - It should be took

    26% - I'm not sure because i cannot see it very well but "...agreement to never suppress or harmThe Lunar Society" - I think there is a missing space between the two words.

    63% - "... and became the bet out of thousands of duel participants" - It should be best

    84% - "... muttered Figaro, voice faltering ever so slightly." - In my humble opinion it would sound better if you wrote "Figaro, his voice faltering..."

    89% - "...berserker! Don't think, and just go fight the..." - it isn't a mistake but it would be better with "Don't think, just go"

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    Part 4

    but it was entirely possible that they would've began to limit it,
    --"begun" (past participle instead of simple past)

    I'd only have them act if the kingdom tried force us to cooperate.
    --insert "to"

    but this truth was so heavy that even that had began to ache.

    a lone player likely had no chance.And then the newly-empowered Gloria
    --missing space after the period