A question to german manga readers - Would you buy english manga?

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    I'm currently thinking if I should start buying english manga too (I'm currently only buying german ones). The only problem is that they are totally expensive, compared to what I pay for one manga volume in Germany (and I need to consider, that I already spent a lot on the ebooks from J-Novel Club, sometimes I also buy completed sets of original japanese manga and not forgetting german manga). Anyway, I want to ask, if you would buy english manga on a regular basis, even if they are priced this high, or if you simply would wait for a german version?

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    @clarabelle I don't know what you consider to be a high price I'm from germany and collect english manga (have some in german too). Generally english manga is priced higher than german manga. Thou the difference are just 1-3 € per volume which could also be less sometimes. Because there is no price binding on english books I got many mangas at 5-7 € but also others that cost like 14 € or so. That is not considering premium editions like the really awesome Berserk hardcover 3-in-1 edition which costs about 40-50 € each. If I like a series and want to have it I just buy it. There are even series I would never buy the german translation of because it's guarenteed to be utter crap.

    If you wan't cheap mangas wait for the low budget omnibus editions. Thos 3-in-1 editions cost about 14 €. But the quality of these are rather cheap. As an example the pages are rather thin and you can see the next page through the current page which can be rather anoying sometimes.

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