Pre-order+credit feature?

  • Greetings. I was just wondering, is there any way I can use credits and pre-order a premium e-book from here? Doesn't seem like I can do that with Realist Hero yet.

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    Normally once the series is complete you wait one or two weeks before you can order the premium one. Sam has to do it manually himself.

  • Yes you can, in fact I already have Realist Hero on pre-order...and all the others up for pre-order at the moment.

    Here is the link

    It is important to note that the book will appear in your library with a gray plate indicating the release date.

    Most release dates are wrong and Sam already said the true release date is the Amazon release date.

    alt text

    See it says it will be released March 1, but the actual date is Feb 24

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    I suspect you went checking for a Vol 2 preorder, I have noticed that as well. But it's most likely due to the fact that the preorder option hasn't been setup for that volume just yet.

  • Oh yeah, looks like I actually can pre-order it here and use a credit. Thanks everybody!

    @Fezu Nah, I just meant V1. Thanks for your consideration though. :)