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    As of February 14th, the new site is live. There are a few known issues that will be resolved ASAP:

    • No sepia theme in reader
    • No font size/style selectors
    • Margin customization lacking
    • Progress not updating for novel reader
    • Forum button on reader doesn't link to specific part discussion
    • Can't use mouse wheel on single page horizontal novels
    • No light mode reader interface yet
    • Can't toggle back from single to double page without first resizing or switching directions
    • No links to the syndication feeds from the site itself
    • Interstitial reader page is blank for horizontal novel reading

    If any other issues are reported that can/will be fixed, this list will be updated. The old site design is still available at

    P.S. We have some new RSS/Atom/JSON Feeds up for people to follow individual series, and ones for a user's follows (you can follow a series on the beta website). We will have buttons up on the new site for easy access in the near future, but for the more adventurous, here's how to access the feeds:

    Series (manga or novel):<SERIES ID>.<rss|atom|json>
    User follows:<USER ID>.<rss|atom|json>

    Example RSS feed for bookworm parts:
    If you encounter any bugs in the feeds, please report them.

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    After login or when following the “User”-link ( I get a white site, only with an error message “An unexpected error has occurred.” showing.

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    After just a quick look my first impression is that it looks like a much newer website, but it also looks cluttered and kind of hard to use compared to the current design.

    Also, it doesn't look like there is a way to search for a title, which means it will be much harder to get to a product page you are looking for if you know what product you are looking for.

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    @db0ssman Search falls under "everything that's possible on the current site", and it's also definitely something that's coming soon.

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    Under the Title sorting....
    alt text
    Should have options for:
    -Non J-Novel Heart

    There should probably be some sort of indicator on the series that are on Hiatus if you use that filter(or in general).

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    I try to click on the free preview to a book but it won't do anything. Is this a mobile-only site? Is it only specifically this title?

    I am clicking 'read prepub now'. If I am buying access, where do I click? I'm new to this site and very confused.

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    The dark mode is appreciated, I hope it applies to the reader as well, as the current reader's dark mode doesn't turn the novel text itself to be white on dark.

    Regarding the Calendar: I notice now that schedules show series to be released a day earlier than before, for example Bakarina on 2 July (3 July in current site). I'm guessing this is because it shows American time (I'm in Australia), while the current site shows local time in user side. It's no big deal but I'd prefer it to show up the way it is now.

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    It might be nice to be able to follow/unfollow a series from the main Titles list. It might also be good if there was an option to filter the main Titles on series that you are or are-not already following and/or own.

    The Library tab of the User screen pushes buttons, text, etc. off of the screen (Edge and Chrome) for the long titles like "My Instant Death Ability is So Overpowered, No One in This Other World Stands a Chance Against Me!" and "WATARU!!! The Hot-Blooded Fighting Teen & His Epic Adventures in a Fantasy World After Stopping a Truck with His Bare Hands!!"

    The Library tab of the User screen doesn't seem to do anything when an item is clicked (Edge and Chrome).

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    I would like to have an "Expiring soon" filter so I can easily find the volumes that are running out soon

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    @curapica I do not think you are referring to the beta site, but:
    The link to read part 1 of slayers is here: . The first part is always free.
    You can subscribe here:
    If you have further questions please contact J-Novel Club at or open a new topic outside this thread

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    @chocolatkey Thanks, I was using chrome! Appreciate your help!

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    Obvious bits: no search, no sort on title overview page, no following overview page yet. Curious to see how reader and account/library pages will change.

    Less obvious bits: searching/sorting by title tags would be nice since they're listed on each book's page, the book status at the very bottom of the page ("More titles to come" vs "This title is complete") should be up top and way more visible.

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    alt text

    Firefox 69.0.3
    Click title then click home again triggered the error

  • Trying the view Outbreak Company's page and get the following error.

    Failed to load data: TypeError: Failed to validate.

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    I love the new calendar design.

    Groupings are so much easier to trace.

    It should be noted though that it is currently impossible to check the previous days releases, should you have missed them.
    Maybe higlight the current day, instead of removing the previous days, or have an option to show them?

    Bug: Buttons for unavailable parts are currently clickable, redirecting to an error message.

    I will comment on the titles page after search functionality is added.

    Suggestion: Add a publication label For the "standard" label (Non-heart)

    Bug: The description box is sizing off its contents, rather than having a set width based of the browser window.
    Most noticeable with Discomunication.

    Series pages:
    Having a separate list entry for each volume is a massive improvement over the previous rotary menu.
    Legend is simple enough.

    I take it you plan on putting either subpages or some sort of expanding menu for prepubs?

    Bug: The buy button still redirects to the premium page while logged out.
    Bug: The "Discuss on forums" button still shows up while logged out, leading to the members section.

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    A wishful suggestion. The option to read an expired LN if it was bought on the site. I don't download books on my phone, sometimes I'm in a place with WiFi with nothing to do. In cases like that it would be nice to be able to read a JNC title I own, but don'thave my tablet with the books.

    I've got a second suggestion for the app. The ability to buy a LN using a credit.

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    I don't like how new epubs expands the series in the Library AND are shown at the very top. Would like to see one or the other. Personally, I'd rather the new listed at the top and keep series collapsed.

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    @Drone205 In-app purchases will most likely never be a thing due to the Apple/Google tax

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    One other note:

    It would be nice if there was a mark for the publishing label on the series page.

    Scrolling too quickly results in the page flickering in and out.

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    For the longer pages (basically any page containing a list...), a way to quick-scroll back to the top of the page (such as a "scroll to top" FAB on a bottom corner of the screen) would be nice.

    Or perhaps an alternative could be to have the header appear/disappear with the scrolling up/down motions and have the scrolling of the lists be independent of the sidebar such that the sidebar remains on-screen as users scroll down.

    Edit: A more obvious differentiator between the novel and manga pages for a series would also be nice.

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