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    For members new to J-Novel Club that want to know more about when future volumes will start pre-publication on the site:

    After a volume releases its last part there is typically a 2-3 week break* before the following volume releases its first part. For one series particular Ascendance of a Bookworm they are attempting to do it with no break. Please note that does not automatically mean it will be out the following week after the last part finishes.

    For all those wondering why the next volume is not currently in the schedule, the schedule is updated as we get closer to the official release date, typically it will not show part 1 of a new volume until a few days before it is ready to release, and sometimes it will show on the day of release. Please rest assured when all the materials are fully prepared for part 1 to go live and the English cover has been set, part 1 will be added into the schedule as soon as we are able to.

    We ask for your patience, part 1 of the following volume will start when it is ready and no sooner.

    *the 2-3 week break is not a hard rule, it is just an observation based on the history of J-Novel Club pre-publication releases.

    Please note this only applies to series where J-Novel Club has not caught up to the Japanese release, when a series is fully caught up we need to wait for a new volume to release in Japan before it can be licensed for translation.

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    I feel like this would be worth putting directly on the release schedule page, so that people who are looking up releases and don't see anything get an immediate answer - or maybe the FAQ page, for a more detailed explanation. Since I've seen this question answered before I can't say for certain, but I feel like if I was new to JNC, my first instincts wouldn't be to check "Suggestions & Feedback" for info on future releases.

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    @MasterLillyclaw said in Future Volume Release Schedule:

    my first instincts wouldn't be to check "Suggestions & Feedback" for info on future releases.

    I agree with this. "Forums" is not usually where I expect to see official communication. There has to be a better way to get this information to the location where people are looking for it. In my mind, this means it should be posted to the release schedule calendar page and also to the series page for all on-going series.

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    @unknownmat There should be a short 1 or 2 liner on the full schedule page, but this should be added to the FAQ on the main site somewhere as well. The existing FAQs only deal with what is a pre-pub, how long are pre-pubs available, and where to report typos.

  • @unknownmat I believe putting any schedule or other announcents on page of ongoing novel should be more accessible. To have offical announcement in forum is not what is usually expected.

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    I believe that this info is basically in the "how JNC works" and FAQ sections on the main web page- but one has to look for it

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    @Jon-Mitchell I apologize if I've missed something, but I went back to both the How It Works and the FAQ pages, and I couldn't find this information.

    HIW says the following: "read the latest volumes as they are being translated," "sign up for our mailing lists to get the latest info on releases," and "weekly releases of ~40 pages a week per series, tons of series to be announced."

    FAQ says the following: "find out the latest information and announcements, check our release schedule," and "for each series, we will release 1 part of the volume we are currently translating for Members to read online or on our apps. These parts will generally be about 30-40 pages, but can vary week to week."

    Neither of these pages explain what is mentioned in this forum: there is usually a break after a volume is finished, and the schedule isn't updated until the next volume begins. Even if it was mentioned somewhere that I missed and you just have to "look for it," people still asked about it on the forums, which means that wherever the information was, it wasn't easily accessible enough.

    As a side note, if the information does get added to the FAQ (or elsewhere on the site), I think it would also be worth adding some supporting information from this thread on volume delays, which states:

    "As you may know, we license volumes, not series; so when a new volume of an ongoing series comes out, it has to be licensed separately; and for long series, we don't license the entire series at once, just a small batch of volumes. This means we periodically have to send more license requests to the publishers, which is a process with many steps and back and forth."

    I certainly wouldn't have known these details without reading it there. I'm not sure whether it plays a role in the usual volume breaks JNC has (as the thread refers specifically to pandemic delays and backlog) or if the normal breaks are just for the translators' sake, but if it is at all relevant, it would help give context for why the breaks are in place to begin with.

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    agreed, it isn't clear.
    weekly installments of currently being translated - doesn't discuss how long between volumes.

    I get that from JNC's viewpoint, this isn't an known/interval that they want to commit to. They should add to "how it works" and/or FAQ's that intervals are variable, often two weeks or so, but are often longer, and subject to a number of conditions (some of which are out of JNC's sphere of control).

    the time between volumes seems like is subject to conditions beyond what we in the consumer end of things are (or should reasonably expect) to be privy to

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    What happens with December release?

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    @Abessa I am sorry, could you please explain a bit more what your question is?

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