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    Once again, please keep the discussion here to the missing titles on Amazon. It's fine to deviate slightly, but if you want to start a completely separate discussion, make a new topic.

  • I stand corrected! I didint think amazon would convert the titles themselves. I thought they would require publishers to do that on there end and any drm would just get added on at time of sale. Still i stand by my fealings that it would be a good move for JNC to offer a way for people to buy the premium ebooks with out the need for 3rd party aplications. This issue with amazon is not going away and its only going to get worse. Look at the public reaction to cuties and i can see even more pressure on retailers to remove or censor.

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    @Apairon said in Regarding missing titles from Amazon:

    @saskir i my self am not interested in the premium content.

    How A Realist Hero has a great collection of short stories that make the books better, that are only in the premium epubs . That's because these short stories were special in-store bonus items in Japan not part of the normal light novel.

    That's true of some other series too:

    Once you've installed the free Calibre app on your PC it really is easy to add epubs to a Kindle. Connect the Kindle with USB cable, download the book, run Calbre, browse to the book download to add it, click "Send to device", click eject device. done.

    You can also download 5 books, add 5 books, click send to device once, all 5 get added.

  • @HarmlessDave i dont have a pc to download calibre to and its not about how easy it is to use. I just want to download my books directly to my kindle with out relying on a 3rd party programe. Worst case ill just have to view the removed content on JNC page they set up for us.(i havent said it yet but thank you for that) i hope down the road JNC makes it possible to buy the premium ebooks and link are device email to are accounts and just download that way. Still wouldint be as fast and conveniant as buying from the kindle store but it is what it is

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