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    Until the font size and italic problem is fixed, the app is unusable in iOS 14. As of right now, it's only good for manga reading on both my phone and ipad. Also the original app is superior in my eyes since text-to-speech functionality is almost perfect, whereas it's almost unusable in the new app.

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    Android public beta has been approved, although it's still not available in the Play Store for some reason.. hopefully in a few hours. https://bit.ly/3daVObW works for joining

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    For reference, I'm using an iPad and iPhone, in horizontal mode.

    When selecting a part, it goes into the novel with the menus (top and bottom bars) up, and on the first tap they disappear. So I have to tap twice to move off the first page. I would think entering a part would initially start with the menus off, or in their last known state?

    Also, on any image page, tapping doesn't work once the animation finishes. The menu doesn't come up if you tap the middle-top, and changing pages by tapping doesn't work, you have to drag.

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    Styled text (italic, bold) scaling too large has been fixed, and will be in the next build.

    @flarecde having to tap twice is a bug, I'm testing on the ipad simulator and I see it. Not being able to change page when when tapping on an image is a known bug, and is in the "known issues" list as "Can't toggle interface/change page when pressing on image in novel reader". I would suggest using the vertical reading mode for now, the horizontal novel reader is definitely going to be improved but the vertical reader is a lot more functional right now.

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    I really like being able to read the prepubs of things I've purchased! It is very convenient for the lazy me who doesn't always want to pull up my laptop to read something.

    General feedback for the Releases layout, it currently doesn't feel very aesthetically pleasing to me. The Series format (larger pictures, multiple columns) is nicer, although I think for both pages the really long-titled series make it look a bit wonky - series like Wataru and Instant Death Cheat stand out (more so on the Releases page where the text has to literally shrink to accommodate them, but the Series page having text covering half the image also feels out of place). Series nicknames could be used there instead, as the full title is always on the covers anyways.

    Then again, I don't mind the way the Library is formatted, so something more like that might look nice on the Releases page as well - slightly larger pictures; gray background to distinguish different series; and instead of "date published + date purchased," it could show "volume and part + how many days ago it was released."

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    The Android version seems to have all the same problems as iOS, but no other big issues besides. I have some feature/change requests, but I'll hold onto them until the known issues list gets whittled down some.

    The built-in screen reader for Android works fine with this, about the same as with the website reader on mobile, for anyone curious.

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    • I noticed that in paginated mode, when the font becomes big enough (I'm at 160%) only one paragraph per page is displayed, even when there's enough place to display 2 at a time. Like with the following page from part 6 of Instant Death Vol 2 (in order)
      alt text
      alt text
      alt text

    • I think it would be better if when displayed, the reader's menu covered the text rather than pushing it down as it does now. First, because it feels a bit clunky but also because it makes setting the right display setting a bit more difficult.

    • Also, the area which triggers page-turning is a bit too big especially on the right side of the screen which can make displaying the menu without turning pages a bit of a hassle.

    • It's a nitpick, but trying to go to the forum page for old volumes does nothing, which is obvious since there isn't a forum page to link to, but a message explaining that no page exists for early volumes could be useful.

    • Finally, it would be cool to have a filter for currently in catch up series in the Series tab.

    Other than that the app is great, the filter to display only followed series and the fact that we can read purchased volumes in-app, especially so.

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    Didn't face many problems trying to read a novel part... other than trying to find the vertical/horizontal switching button.
    Small things:

    • I found myself wanting was a non-greyscale color theme, like a tan bkgd with black text. Or maybe just a fully customizable set of bkgd/font colors, with some presets...
    • The thing about being able to long-press for tooltips is a useful tip that may be useful to tell ppl up front... but I aint a UX guy.
    • The reset button on the settings page (font size, etc.) isnt functional. I assume this is probably known.

    • > LN reader renders very roughly in paginated mode (use vertical for now)
      Unless you think users should only use the app for bug reporting/suffering and not actual reading you should set vertical as default one at least.
    • I would be nice to see some screenshots showing what it's supposed to look like so people can know that things like this or below is supposed to be reported and not what developer wanted. play store has some screenshots

    • Unavailable titles don't stand out enough, you should dim the date and/or picture too.
    • (again, screenshot above) Order of multipart releases could be improved.
    • Toggling full screen in the horizontal reader causes complete freeze for non-insignificant time.
    • Android's navigation bar on the bottom doesn't get hidden in full-screen.
    • Pressing next/previous button keeps current percentage instead of properly resuming the part you switched to (and switches back to horizontal); attempts to navigate to non-free/expired part aren't handled properly.
    • Some of gestures can be easily misinterpreted: flinging the page and then tapping to stop will trigger full-screen or page-up/down, pinch zoom is easily interpreted as swipe (extra annoying with manga).
    • The icons (and name) of the apps are too similar. You should slap 🅱️ on top for now since people are somewhat likely to keep both (though idk if anyone actually does that).

  • @Raitoiro said in (New) Beta App Feedback:

    alt text

    This image shows my only concern, that the status bar at the top of my phone screen gets overlapped with. Other than that, I like it so far.

    For the future, I'd like a tab dedicated to the series I follow, but I can wait.

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    Just had a quick look at the beta app and noticed some series missing from the Series page in "All" view (at least for me). Examples: Clock Strikes Z, Deathbound Duke's Daughter, Fake Princess, Wild Last Boss. They show up when filtering for novels or searching, they're just mysteriously absent from the default view.

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    @cosm1cfall It doesn't overlap most of the time, it's just that the text is way too mobile so when I swipe down to display the notification menu of my phone the text goes up under the notification bar at the top of the screen, but the rest of the time it's not a problem.

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    @cosm1cfall I saw those screenshots, similar problem on iOS. Will be fixed. As for followed series, you will be able to filter series by only follows and only catchups in the next build.

    @Jiejie Thanks for noticing. I'm not sure why that's happening yet, I will look into it. Edit: I see what the problem is, will fix it (doesn't require new version)

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    Whatever you're doing for the login screen on Android seems to be preventing the password manaager from being able to tell there's a password field on the screen. The popup asking if I want to fill the password never appears and I have to go run the password manager manually and copy/paste it (which leaves my password on the clipboard, which is an undesirable thing from a security perspective). Android has a standard API for password managers to interact with apps, but even most of the apps that don't use it automatically get detected if they have a password field on the screen, so you're doing something funny. (FWIW, the old Android app had that problem, too, but I chalked it up to be being generally old and broken anyway)

  • @pcj Pretty sure that's what "Login form autofill/suggestions is broken" in the issue list refers to.

    most of the apps that don't use it automatically get detected if they have a password field on the screen, so you're doing something funny

    They probably use android's interface elements so it's easier to integrate automatically. This app is using flutter which reimplements those same elements so it's not exactly android ones even if the appearance and 99% of code is the same.

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    @_08 That makes sense. Doing a little Googling points me at https://pub.dev/packages/platform_inputs as a possible solution to that problem.

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    @pcj @_08 This is a known issue, and listed in the list of known issues which can be found on the app's splash page. I've also updated the first post with this list.

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    On iOS at least the auto-login feature via LastPass worked fine for me.

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    @Jiejie The missing series should now be there, if you see any other series (besides ones you want JNC to license) missing please let me know

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