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    So a few issues I've found so far (trying to avoid the ones in the known issues list, but forgive me if there is some overlap):

    On the Fire HD 8 Plus in 'Dark' mode (16:10 aspect ratio):

    • Italics/bold/etc. are still not scaling properly (especially in vertical mode). Estimating those to be somewhere between 1/2 to 1/4th size of normal font. (It is smaller than intended). See Regex's image below.
      • I suspect this is due to inheritance. Unsure if this was supposed to be already supposed to be fixed or if it is the next update.
    • (Fire HD 8 Plus and 10 (tablet) || 16:10 aspect ratio.) In horizontal mode, the page length is longer than it should be. In vertical mode, the font appears to be about four to six times as large as horizontal mode (normal font becomes header font size. Header font size... becomes massive. (This seems to only be roughly double the size according to font size % as comparing 110% in horizontal vs 50% in vertical)). I suspect this and the following issue are a result of aspect ratios and/or inheritance.
      • (Android Phone || 16:9 aspect ratio) Also in horizontal mode: depending on font size, a lot of unused space.
      • Here is what I'm suspecting. The app is (in portrait mode) using width to determine the height. This means if the screen wider in terms of aspect ratio, the app overestimates the length, making the page longer than it is supposed to be. If the screen is thinner in terms of aspect ratio, the app underestimates the length, making the page shorter than it is supposed to be.
        • Basically, if the app expects 16:9, then 21:9 would have extra space because only 16 of 21 is being used with about 31% unused length. If a screen is 16:10, that means the screen is expecting 13.5 and the app provides 16, thus being 2.5 over (or about 18% extra length beyond the screen). This is a close match to what the extra is. Even if the app isn't expecting 16:9 specifically, these numbers still work as examples.
        • This can be further evidenced by switching to landscape view on the same 16:10 device which results in extra empty space, suggesting that the app is relying on a single parameter (width as according to the orientation) to calculate the other.
        • Extra empty space is somewhat preferable to extra page length due to the extra scrolling resulting from extra page length.
        • At 170% and higher font size (16:10 ratio), the calculations for page length appears to change, reducing the length of the page. This does not completely prevent the extra page length issue, but does seem to reduce the effects to some pages instead of all text pages.
    • Opening the menu messes with the display process, making it harder to do things.
      • Menu should be overlay like with old app. Or at least have an option to choose which mode.
    • Reader does not remember vertical/horizontal mode even in the same part.
    • The space for the menu and for page turning doesn't seems to have an good balance.
      • See the aspect ratio section above.
    • The android navigation bar remains and it can be hard to make the menu/status bar disappear.
      • Menu should be easier to make go away, but should probably also be larger.
      • the navigation/status bar should hide itself.
      • As a related issue, the app ignores the top bar where information like the time and battery are (status bar). The app should either have those hidden when reading or account for them.
    • The apps icons should be made more clearly different, even if it means changing the old app's icon. Consider in that some people might have difficulties seeing the difference in color. (And yes, I know that some android devices have colorblind options, but we are talking about two versions of the same color. From personal experience, none of the 3 colorblind options (4 including inverted) help with identifying which app is which. Even if they can tell the color difference, it doesn't really tell them which is newer. You could argue that people should know which is which if they installed them due to positioning, but what if they haven't set up the shortcuts?)
    • When you press the 'next' button, the reading status of the current part is not saved.
    • What Raitoiro and _08 said mostly applies to me as well.

    Some QoL that I'd love to see:

    • Choice of listing modes (some of us prefer the 'browse' listing mode and others prefer the 'library' listing mode. (grid vs line).
      • Three common options of list modes: Grid, Line, Detailed (Detailed being the same as line, but with more information).
    • 'Favorites or Hide list' or other manners of filter
      • Examples of possible filters include: read/unread chapters, catch up, near expiration, completed series, one shot, tags.
    • Sorting options
      • Possible Sort Options: alphabetical, recently read series, series with unread parts, chronological.
      • Also ascending/descending order.
    • Expire Dates / Clearer marking of "Final" parts.
      • Would be nice to know when a part is final without having to open up a separate page.
      • This would likely require either a better tagging system or have it so that the expected expiration dates are based on the latest part for the volume instead of by part.
    • Option to sub or purchase volumes in-app (and you all know I'm still hoping for a gifting option).
    • Epub/Ebook Reader. - would be nice to be able to read JNC purchased books in-app and if that happens, it shouldn't be that far of a stretch to load other ebooks. This might be harder to do though.

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    @chocolatkey said in (New) Beta App Feedback:

    @Jiejie The missing series should now be there, if you see any other series (besides ones you want JNC to license) missing please let me know

    All the novels I found missing have showed up in the list now, plus a few manga I didn't pay attention to when I first looked. Thanks!
    (something something Twelve Kingdoms)

    @sinnoaria said in (New) Beta App Feedback:

    • 'Favorites or Hide list' or other manners of filter
      • Examples of possible filters include: read/unread chapters, catch up, near expiration, completed series, one shot, tags.

    I strongly support this suggestion! (says someone who starts desperately binging volumes around the 10th of each month)

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    Note to people reporting via testflight: It seems there's now way to acknowledge or reply to your feedback, so I'll just say that I am looking through it.

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    Note 8

    Broken format and it seems the font is correctly synced between scroll mode and swipe mode (such as 120% and 70% repspectively for font size to actually see character at same scale). Additionally, justified mode is sometimes broken.

    First image is for scroll mode, 2nd is for swipe mode, both should be in the same font and justified mode.

    alt text
    alt text

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    The button that says next part when reading manga doesn't seem to work. The next part button at the bottom works fine though.


    Of note, the chapter it says I'm at the end of is glitchy. It seems to correspond to the chapter I initially select from the list after selecting a volume instead of the actual chapter. So if I started reading from chapter 1, it always says end of chapter 1. If I started from chapter 3, it says end of chapter 3, even if I went back to chapter 1.

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    @Romariel That's listed in the known issues:

    • Reader lastpage next button doesn't do anything yet

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    LDM v13p6 seems to be missing in the releases for me (myskaros helped confirm its not a global issue as he still sees it. I have tried restarting the app as well as refreshing (through the pull to refresh). Am on Android. The part does show in the series listing for LDM.
    what I see
    what mysk sees

    Edit: looking more closely now a few more are also missing, like Holmes and Kokoro Connect

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    @myskaros Coulda sworn I didn't see it in there :/ I checked it in the app and the first page before posting and still missed it FML.

    It still gives the wrong chapter number though.

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    @Cibastian thanks for noticing that bug, it was a similar issue as the series page. It's been fixed

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    You might want to mention things like the testflight issue in the first post so that people that might look later can see.

    What is the expected update rate? Every few days? weeks? Months? Years? Might be useful to know so we can know when to check for updates (depending on how often our devices check) or at least let us know when to check to see about whether old bugs still exist.

    (Also updated my first post with more bugs I've noticed).

  • On a lenovo android 7.1.1 tablet I find that the sizing is inconsistent between paginated and scrolling. For paginated 100% is OK but when switching to scrolling I need to shrink it to 60%. Italicised lettering does not appear to scale with non-italicised so they only match at 100%.

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    Using the Samsung Fold 2

    1. When viewing images, they are not in the center, they tend to align to the left side leaves a big black space on the right. Hopefully it can be aligned to be in the center. Image

    2. Some text font are bigger than other font for some reason.Image

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    Not sure if this has been brought up...but the thumbnails on android are partially cut off, on both top and bottom.

    Here is a comparison between old app and new.

    Don't think it's just my device, if you look a couple posts up at @Cibastian images, they are also cut off.

    I suppose this could be by design, to fit more without scrolling, but I think I'd prefer a full thumbnail with less series showing.

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    A new beta release (0.2.0) has been sent to Apple and Google for approval.


    • LN reader missing proper text styling (centered text etc.) - NOTE this applies to vertical reader, horizontal reader will be improved next build
    • Paragraphs are not indented
    • Italic/bold text does not scale properly
    • Can't toggle interface/change page when pressing on image in novel reader
    • Tile views can now have more items per row on wider screens
    • Novel font selection doesn't work
    • Reading direction not saved
    • Filtering series by follows/catchups
    • Tapping up/down in vertical scrolls a bit less ( @Nosgoroth )
    • Various bugs

    Next build, points so far for fixing:

    • Fix horizontal novel reading
    • Deal with expiring sessions
    • Fully implement last page in reader
    • Reader settings dialog fixes
    • Progress sync issues when switching between parts
    • more...

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    0.2.0 bugs and issues so far:

    • On trying to view Following (filter): Exception: Failed loading series: DioError [DioErrorType.RESPONSE]: Http status error [500]
      • Restarting does not seem to fix this.
      • Happening on multiple devices.
    • Images are cut off even considering the name overlay. Unsure if this is intentional, but the effects are very noticeable.
    • Page length issue still exists, among others (New) Beta App Feedback:
    • Text size difference in horizontal vs vertical still exists to an easily noticeable extent for 16:10.
      • Uncertain about other aspect ratios due to the extreme lag of horizontal mode making it difficult to compare.
    • Seeing some pretty extreme lag in horizontal mode. Not certain the cause, but it is making testing for horizontal mode bugs difficult.
      • Happening on multiple devices in varying displays aspects.
      • It happens on book load, attempting to change the view, changing pages, etc.
      • Seems to mainly affect when the pagination changes or is called as well as when the page 'length' changes.
      • Restarting the device did not help.
    • Seems a bit odd that the novel/manga and following/catchup filters are separate from each other.
    • Opening the menu still messes with the display process instead of being an overlay. This issue compounds the extreme lag issue.
    • Status bar not disappearing and being ignored for page display still exists.
      • Should either disable the status bar when reading or keep the status bar as a static bar (which some people may prefer).
    • Tap margins seem excessively large.
      • In horizontal view, the right side covers about 45% (estimated) of the screen while the left side covers about 20%.
      • Vertical view seems to be about 30-40% of the screen.

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    • On iOS 14 I still have to set the font to like 350% on vertical in order for it to be readable.
    • On the series page, I wish clicking only manga would be available without using the search button. Putting it in the filter would be better in my opinion.
      • On that note, clicking "Only follows" makes the list infinitely scrolling. I can scroll down forever and it will never reach the bottom.
    • Would be nice if the latest volumes would be at the top in a series page. Scrolling down 20 volumes every time I go to Smartphone is not ideal.
    • Theme selection is still messed up on iPhone 8 iOS 14.
    • Double manga spreads (or just every other page) should be stitched together when turning to landscape orientation. If you have access to the Shonen Jump app, that would be my preferred way to do it.
      • On that note, personally I would prefer if all touch-to-turn-page would be turned off on manga, and only have swipe as the way to turn pages. That's how it is on the Shonen Jump app and in my opinion it helps make pinch-to-zoom less glitchy (and it is super glitchy here).
    • Horizontal novel reading is almost unusable as you know so I don't even touch it. The font size seems to scale very differently from vertical.
    • Lastly, I once again hope TTS will be considered in the future, as the current official app handles it almost perfectly (on iOS).

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    @sinnoaria Thanks for your feedback

    On trying to view Following (filter): Exception: Failed loading series: DioError [DioErrorType.RESPONSE]: Http status error [500]

    Will be fixed soon, won't require an app update

    Images are cut off [...]

    A screenshot of this noticeable effect would be appreciated. The covers on releases are still being cropped a bit on bottom/top, which is intentional since image ratio may vary, but any other cut off parts are an issue

    Page length issue still exists
    Text size difference
    Seeing some pretty extreme lag in horizontal mode

    It seems that was/is an issue on the horizontal novel reader, in which case I am going to be fixing the horizontal reader next build. I'll be checking on these issues, a list of devices would be appreciated

    Seems a bit odd that the novel/manga and following/catchup filters are separate from each other

    Design isn't final, will be improving it later on when important issues have been fixed

    Menu should be overlay etc.

    Yep, is planned

    Status bar not disappearing

    Screenshot appreciated, status bar should disappear. Am considering having navigation bar (at least on Android) disappear too when UI is hidden, since people have requested it.

    Tap margins seem excessively large

    Agreed, thinking of reducing the top/bottom/left/right fractions' defaults and adding a setting to change them with visual hint

    @LegitPancake Thanks as well for the feedback

    On iOS 14 I still have to set the font to like 350% on vertical in order for it to be readable

    I'm going to be looking into different defaults based on the device size in the future. Default size looks like this in the simulator for an iPad

    On that note, clicking "Only follows" makes the list infinitely scrolling

    Probably a server-side bug, I'll look into it

    Theme selection is still messed up on iPhone 8 iOS 14.

    Still looking into this, a staff member with the same phone/software does not have this problem.

    Double manga spreads (or just every other page) should be stitched together when turning to landscape orientation. If you have access to the Shonen Jump app, that would be my preferred way to do it.

    Spread mode in landscape is planned for both novels and manga. Just not super high priority

    Pinch-to-zoom is glitchy

    Yes it is. Will be improved

    Horizontal novel reading is almost unusable as you know so I don't even touch it.

    Will be working on the horizontal reader for the next build

    Lastly, I once again hope TTS will be considered in the future

    It might be considered in a future build.

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    Fire HD 10, Fire HD 8 Plus, Moto g6 play are the devices so far that have the lag issue. The Moto g6 play doesn't have a significant text size issue between horizontal and vertical viewing modes. Based on LegitPancake's feedback, sounds like this is an issue on apple devices as well, though in reverse (sounds like a lot of sizing issues are in reverse on apple products). I'll try to pull out my other devices for the next update.

    (As a side note, this screenshot shows the status bar not disappearing and the text size is at 50%. On Android, vertical reading size is extremely large by default, the opposite of what LegitPancake reported on an apple device). You can see the status bar overlapping with the text. In this case, the text is still readable because of how large the header is, but many times, later parts do not start with an image or a header. Note that the status bar can disappear, it just does not always do so automatically. Personally, after some consideration, having an option to always see it would be nice and having a margin set on top to account for it might be a good idea even if it isn't always shown.

    alt text


    • If you are going to add a setting to change the tap margins, perhaps you can take a leaf from other reading apps and add customizable tap spots? Perfect Viewer, my current primary reading app, has a really nice setup, personally, with the option of setting 3 types of touch functions for each zone - tap, double tap, and long press. In addition, they allow for choice of zone layouts (3 zone layouts to 9 zone layouts seem like they'd make sense). This lets the user say tap left or right for page by page viewing while allowing functions like holding left or right for next part/last item. Also allows for other options, such as returning to the selection menu.

    Also, aside from the suggestions already made, including from my previous post, (Favorites list being already added) I also have a sort of request (Difference being that my suggestions are more things I expect to be useful to most people while requests being more something I expect to be useful for a few people):

    • Downloads.
      • Have a check on download and set the downloads to expire on the subscription renewal date. After the expiry, an active internet connection is needed to refresh the expiration before the download can be read.
      • If the item is purchased, then no expiration set.
      • Checks every few days to ensure that the sub was not cancelled.
      • Must log in/be logged in every few days.
      • This would mostly be for the purpose of having it so people can still read if there is a blackout (pg&e in California has been threatening multi-day power outages) or disaster (evacuations are boring without reading material). Or even just for people who have limited internet availability (can't afford to go to a coffee shop every day, each visit is a month of subscription, you know!)

    I do wonder what "Soon" means in JNC's language. How many years is soon? Will we be notified or will we need to find out by ourselves?

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    @LegitPancake said in (New) Beta App Feedback:

    Lastly, I once again hope TTS will be considered in the future, as the current official app handles it almost perfectly (on iOS).

    My one and only request! Please don’t take away my favorite way to read the prepubs!

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    I just wanted to ask for a few things in the new app.


    • option to disable animated transitions in paginated view. Some people have motion sickness. In my case I just hate all of the animations. Please, allow to instantly switch pages like in old app.
    • bring Spectral font from old app. If possible use system fonts on iOS to bring Iowan font.
    • allow to set top, bottom, left/right margins. It has always been a bit uncomfortable to use old app because it just shows you a wall of text.
    • optional info bar header/footer. Old app had % footer, but it can be larger.


    • there are a lot of punch hole devices. In case of Samsung ones the OS takes away that space at the top of the screen and renders it completely black. It doesn’t follow app background settings. This is visually annoying and the only way to compensate for that is to set black background in the app. If it is possible take control of that top strip to change its color and put header there.
    • since the top part of the screen is taken away I'd like to compensate for it and add a huge bottom margin for symmetry.
    • some of the devices have rounded screen corners. Currently bottom lines of text are affected by that rounding because text goes to the very bottom of the screen.

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