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    Today I wanted to address something that has been happening at an alarming rate on the forums; rudeness toward the translation team, in regards to errors in the pre-pubs.

    A few things to note before I get into the crux of the matter:

    1. Posting errors found in the pre-pubs is a voluntary contribution to improve a book, and anyone who takes the time to make a suggestion and post it to the forums is appreciated.

    2. The pre-pubs are, by their very nature, pre-publication drafts of books that have not gone through the longer more rigorous editing and quality assurance procedures published books do. Due to time constraints of trying to get the pre-pub parts out on a weekly basis, it is not feasible to both translate the parts and do a full, detailed editing pass.

    3. Errors found in pre-pubs do not always make it back into those pre-pubs, so even if a mistake is pointed out, it doesn’t always get corrected in the pre-pub parts, sometimes it only is changed for the final book.

    What has been happening for some time is users report corrections in parts and then take a jab at the editing (or lack thereof), and by extension the translation team. These comments amount to petty harassment, which is not tolerable on these forums. Comments such as:

    · Implying that the amount of mistakes in a part would never all be found by the time the book is finalized.
    · Claiming that the translation team is not capable of addressing grammar mistakes.
    · Arguing with members of the translation team after they have stated which way a suggestion will be handled.

    To reiterate, anyone who takes the time to post corrections is appreciated; however, going forward, if users continue to post snide remarks, those comments will be removed. If a translation team member addresses a mistake that was brought up and users continue to argue the opposite point, those arguments will be stopped. This is not to say we want feedback to stop, but at a certain point it stops being productive and just becomes an argument for the sake of arguing.

    Going forward we will make a centralized location for corrections. Soon a new sub-forum will be created, specifically for any pre-pub corrections that users wish to point out. As new volumes start to come out new topics will be created for that series as a whole for corrections. More information will follow in the future.

    Edit: the new Sub-forum has been created.

    Thank you for your cooperation,
    Rahul Balaggan
    J-Novel Club Forum Moderator

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