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    This is the dedicated topic for posting suggested corrections for Holmes of Kyoto.

    Currently in prepublication: Volume 3!

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    Volume 3, Part 1

    The cover shows on the series page but doesn't load when I tried to read the first prepub (on Google Chrome from laptop and on app from iPhone).

    The "go discuss on the forums!" link at the end of the prepub currently takes me to V2's discussion rather than V3's.

    Part 1, 8%: "It's ukiyo-e, right?" -> the word ukiyo-e is italicized here, but not anywhere else in the text (unless it's part of an already italicized phrase like Aoi's thoughts). Not sure if this is an error or she's supposed to be emphasizing the word - but another word used a paragraph earlier, bijin-ga, is italicized and continues to be so throughout the text, which makes it feel like ukiyo-e should be too.

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    Volume 3, part 5 3%:
    A Japanese school girl who can't visualize hectares and asks for a conversion to acres? Really?

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    Volume 3 - Part 5
    [8% and 88%] la cafe kitayama --> It should be le café. In the anime, it was called Le Caf'e 北山.

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