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    Volume 1 Part 1

    The window looked out on the Raytheft’s well-kempt garden, — 8%

    “ Raythefts' ”

    The Raycrafts only held a viscountcy among the gentry, — 10%

    “Raythefts”, although “Raycraft” is less of a tongue twister and you should totally go with that if the katakana supports it.

    Missing space:

    He wasbullied through elementary school, — 25%

    Missing end quote:

    “This is just one volume, by the way.… — 55%

    Missing space:

    “You are nothing but a nuisance!”Joshua spat, enraged. — 95%

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    Volume 1 Part 2

    It wasn’t just his face, either--his unusual silvery hair also gave off an feminine impression of femininity. — 0%

    “an impression of femininity” or “a feminine impression.”

    Also, consideer the emdash: “either—his”.

    most of the brick-and-stone buildings were three or four storeys high. — 16%


    There was a bookstore, too, which sold everything from novels, technical books, to magic magazines, textbooks, and spellbooks. There was as much variation among the most popular magic magazines as fashion magazines, — 16%

    “from novels and technical books, to”


    Magic-users were rare—e had hoped to catch his opponent — 37%


    The three walls of this dead end belonged to three- and four-storey buildings. — 47%


    Flustered, Lecia began to gather it all lup. — 89%

    “all up.”

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    Volume 1 Part 3

    “He especially hates more talented magicians.” — 24%


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    Volume 1 Parts 4–6 & 8


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    Volume 1 Part 7

    You couldn’t have done that without a decent amount of study and practise.” — 25%


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    Volume 1 - Part 9:

    • [11%] sneaking through, and we won’t be able to to fight.” ► Duplicate to.

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    Volume 1 - Part 10:

    • [76%] in the way of your good judgement.” Charlotte ► It should be judgment (US spelling).
    • [97%] before anything ‘goes missing’. Go get what ► Move the period inside the quotes.

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    Volume 1 - Part 11:

    • [14%] was affecting her judgement, from her words, ► It should be judgment (US spelling).
    • [35%] permit me to endureyour harebrained schemes.” ► It should be endure your (space).

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    Vol 1 part 11 60%

    Lisa looked up at the moon.

    Given what follows, should this be 'moons'? It looks like Chain and Wedge are the names of moons.

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    @LIbri-Liberorum I'm not sure how much detail I should go into, as it concerns unreleased material, but I can assure you that Chain and Wedge aren't moons. It's a peculiarly placed bit of worldbuilding that likely won't be followed up on until next volume at the earliest.

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    Volume 1 - Part 12:

    • [0%] chair which clashed with its bleak surroundings. . ► Duplicate period.
    • [1%] everything fell under the king’s judgement. Despite ► It should be judgment (US spelling).
    • [8%] an egregious error of judgement; however, if I might ► It should be judgment (US spelling).
    • [50%] the “Ten Fables” inThe Birth of Heaven and Earth. ► It should be in The (space).
    • [51%] Crosellode; Godwald “Vajra” Sylvester;; and the ► Duplicate semicolon.
    • [54%] Craib’s speciality was molten iron. One of his ► It should be specialty (US spelling).
    • [75%] to draw breath and completely defenceless. I had ► It should be defenseless (US spelling).

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