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    This is the dedicated topic for posting suggested corrections for Demon Lord, Retry!

    Currently in prepublication: Volume 6!

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    Volume 6 - Part 1:

    • [32%] but simply an acknowledgement that humans were ► It should be acknowledgment (US spelling).
    • [51%] voice and shouted. hat tasted like plain-old water ► It should be What?
    • [85%] the manufactured sense of fulfilment. At this rate, ► It should be fulfillment (US spelling).

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    V6 P2 27%:
    Nowm he planned to renovate the structure for actual battle.

    Xenobia became Zenobia.

    “How... Could this have happened...!?”

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    Volume 6 - Part 2:

    • [12%] one and only weakness, And intended to take her ► It should be and (lowercase).
    • [26%] ceremonial purposes until now. Nowm he planned ► It should be Now. (And, maybe, change the preceding until now with so far to avoid a duplicate?)
    • [28%] What merit is there and you cutting down the beast ► It should be in.
    • [31%] “Certainly, you jest.” Azur deeply bowed, as if ► Remove the comma?
    • [32%] all tools at my disposal. Zenobia, the Tzardom, ► It should be Xenobia. Already reported.
    • [35%] such extreme lengths in a foreign nation...? “ ► The dialogue's closing double quote is wrongly a starting one. Also, remove the extra space before it.
    • [55%] Hanzo spread her fan and snickered, seeing how ► It should be Kongming.
    • [72%] and silverware. One one would find it difficult to ► Duplicate one.
    • [94%] a similar expression. There was so sign of valor ► It should be no.

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    Volume 6 - Part 3:

    • [9%] closest being to the Great Light and consider its voice ► It should be considered.
    • [93%] our job,” Monkey Magic chimed in. We’re gonna party ► The dialogue's starting double quote is missing.
    • [94%] Monkey Magic said as h pointed to Weeb. He glared ► It should be he pointed.

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    V6 P4 40%:
    In fact, he was sure that the people’s hearts would leave the Demon Lord at once, their grudge leading to the/ inevitable revolution that he feared above all.
    Stray slash character.

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    Volume 6 - Part 4:

    • [40%] their grudge leading to the/ inevitable revolution ► Remove random / character. Already reported.
    • [69%] “Um..! You’ll get your hands dirty, Master Demon ► It should be 3 periods.
    • [76%] their skin was supple and their hair were luscious. ► It should be was?

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