A Baby Journal of the Strongest Dragon who Suddenly became a Dad

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    Cover of volume 2

    JP Title:
    Totsuzen Papa ni Natta Saikyou Dragon no Kosodate Nikki: Kawaii Musume, Honobono to Nningenkai Saikyou ni Sodatsu

    Original Webnovel

    Publisher: Micro Magazine Inc. (GC Novels)

    Volumes: 2 (ongoing)

    Author: Ameko Kaeruda

    Illustrators: Sencha

    Genre: Fantasy, Adventure

    The dragon, revered by humans, had no idea what to do when a human child suddenly
    appeared and called him daddy.
    After much deliberation, he tried to return the child to her father in a nearby village;
    but since he was such a slovenly person, he decided to raise the child by himself.
    Raised as a real daughter, she grows up happily until she receives a notice of
    admission to the human school.

    Source: https://micromagazine.co.jp/company/en/download/micromagazine.pdf

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    sound like it has potential. I can imagine what would happen if she gets into an argument with another kid over 'who's dad is stronger', and woe be onto whomever bullies her! the parent-teacher conference (or home visit) is destined to be interesting as well.

    GC has some other titles that are good, so this is coming from a publisher with established chops (even though I think JNC doesn't haver a current relationship) maybe this would be a good 'foot in the door' ?

    has anyone read this? is it cute and/or funny/ any good?

  • @Jon-Mitchell I Just looked up at Micro Magazin's international license catalogue and JNC did actually made with them a business relationship. The Great Cleric and The Magician Who Rose From Failure are Micro Magazine and there might be even more of their titles coming in the future due for pushing into global licensing especially in English, Korean and Thai.

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    Me reading through synopsis: Wow this looks neat.
    Reads same author as sexiled: ewe... ugh...

    Imagines what book is like:

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    So this has the same author as Sexiled, color me interested. I enjoyed the author's two other works here on JNC so I would like to read this and see how it compares, especially since it's a different kind of story.

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    Looks cute! This has my vote.

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