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    This is the dedicated topic for posting suggested corrections for A Wild Last Boss Appeared!.

    Currently in prepublication: Volume 4!

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    Volume 4 - Part 1:

    • [31%] always, “She's always been dangerous.” ► It should be She’s (different ).
    • [42%] attack spell cast by Goddess and aimed ► It should be by the.
    • [50%] “M-Miss Luphas!” ► It should be Lufas. (Or is the name wrong on purpose because of the situation?)
    • [74%] the Devil King Orm had a goal and was ► It should be The (Capitalized).

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    @Terabyte Thanks for these! They've been updated.

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    Volume 4 - Part 2:

    • [Generic] The topic link that redirects to the forum is still broken after the domain: ...j-novel.clubtopic/... (missing /).
    • [3%] heretical cults, and their worshippers possibly even ► It should be worshipers (US spelling).
    • [27%] was the closest geologically. On the other hand, ► It should be geographically?
    • [30%] a bunch of nobodies Tamers release a bunch of ► It should be who release. (Or maybe releasing?)
    • [56%] “Naming themselves above Lady Lufas,? Above a ► Remove comma.
    • [82%] a way to protect her.now. ... First, I should ask ► A couple of issues:
      1. Remove extra period. (Or is now. the extra part?)
      2. Remove extra space after the 3 periods.

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    @Terabyte Thanks for pointing all these out! They've been updated. The forum link should also be working now.

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    Volume 4 - Part 3:

    • [29%] in height and wielding clubs.. There was also ► Duplicate period.
    • [53%] I’ll need to get there,grab that girl adventurer, ► Missing space.
    • [61%] all aspects of a living thing, making it stronger ► I think living being would fit better the context?
    • [84%] “I’ll help! ‘Light Sword!’ ► The dialogue's closing double quote (after the single quote) is missing.

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    @Terabyte Thanks so much for these! Typos have been fixed.

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