Invaders of the Rokujouma !? Remastered Discussion!

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    vol 18
    part 2
    46% find someone with a similar aura "similar" to the greengrocer's, can drop the second similar
    53% so ""really do think I'm useless! so "you" really
    66% ..went straight for the "part" with... park
    83% of other children "has" disappeared.. had
    93% Navy-san "has" is being mind-controlled Drop has

    ps rest part added to previous post

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    vol 18
    part 3
    12% talking about "" things get truly... "when" or maybe change get to getting (taking following sentence into consideration)
    67% The magicians should "have" now have access... drop the 1st have
    72% after a comment like "they", but they that
    75% It's activating properly. Look. Its rapidly absorbing... not sure its actually wrong it just looks odd formated this way. maybe Look, its rapidly... not realy sure either way

    And sure enough, "and" the flowers drop and
    and often acted a mediator. often acted "as" a mediator
    86% this time: they... I think They should be capitalized since follows a colon......
    89% If "" have any... If you have any......
    91% Yurika was "" most reliable... Yurika was the most reliable... or Yurika was at her most reliable...

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    vol 18
    part 4
    10%/12% quickly and "with relatively cover". quickly and with relative cover. or quickly and relatively covered.
    20% information "" what her sensors on
    sense a great deal "" spiritual of
    around 23% the conversation about the spirits I think I know who's saying what, but not dead certain, translation issue I guess

    33% Anything can happen from here missing period
    35% serious stake should be serious state
    64% we "go" just go in the way... drop the 1st go
    69% seated "n" a remote... well it does work but "in" looks better
    71% weapons crowing weapons crowding
    Crimson had purposely left them be to lure them in.
    let them be,
    left them alone,
    ( near top this section word unfamilair is used. It seems out of place given the person (Crimson) is not actually unknown to them. Actually the whole context of the encounter is off, must be issue with source material, ie author lost track of some details)

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    vol 18
    2% fought cleaned up the leftovers → fought and cleaned up? as mentioned by @Jaquobus other option drop word fought (context issue possible taking following paragraph into consideration) or change cleaned to cleaning possibly coma after fought in the case
    4% But they had more than the children to be concerned about now. nothing really wrong this, just seems off.
    But they had more than "just" the children to be concerned "with" about now. More emphasis thing I guess.
    9% But even with two would do them a huge favor by splitting up their faces in half. man that's just brutal. oh sorry change faces to forces, but no reason typed this. place coma after two and add "it"
    before would, or drop word with
    but even with two, it would...... but even two would.... hmm think 1st sample
    11% the three "Forthorthian" Forthorthians
    16% While Theia and "" were opening fire... missing word or words, the girls, the gang, the group, not sure those are just guesses
    ( the others?)
    She recognized the "sights" of "the signs"
    didn't just keep "" unwanted third parties; away
    20% but if "they" Kiriha's subordinates... drop they
    they could be not sure, maybe, they would be
    interfere during "out" showdown our
    23% If we hadn't separate you... either If we hadn't separated you... or If we didn't separate you...
    the Forthtorthian and Shizuka... the Forthorthians and Shizuka
    25% courage "insider" her as well. inside
    37% with deific levels "" spiritual energy... add "of" or drop s off levels
    take only one of Shanae's "attack". attacks or only take one attack of Sanae's.

    46% on their size. on their side
    51% to do things "his way". um think that's her way.
    62% Koutarou continued "" Crimson... watching or maybe "staring at"
    65% thinking that they the odds... drop they
    flooding the blade "" the area around it "and" coma doesn't really work maybe after with...
    69% Kiriha hedged "his" bets.. if it is Kiraha its "her"
    "Without" Koutarou... given context should be "with"
    86% he was institutively well it is a word but I think this "intuitively" is what your after or "instinctively"
    88% in her voice there wasn't normally. voice that wasn't there normally.

    90% anime started and I... drop the started its a repeat

    I did not read any further into the afterword
    hmm what ever happened to that staff from Forthorth Koutarou gave Yurika...

    • Volume 18(Premium Edition): 4 Bonus Short Stories, Textless Color Illustrations,
      • Side: Karama & Korama
      • Side : Ruthkania
      • Side : Shizuka
      • Side : Maki

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    @fossyo they modified it for Nana so it integrated with her prothstetics.

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    @steelblaidd the staff? I can see that but I mentioned staff do to that last battle and not seeing a reference to it. does it come up in vol 19?
    (I actually read this through twice.)

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    Reading the short stories:

    Shizuka would get complaints from the other tenants

    Wait?! Are there actual tenants other than Koutarou?!!