Invaders of the Rokujouma!? Volume 23 Discussion

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    @hyper If we release volume 23 before volumes 4-22, can you imagine how many people will complain about "where's volume 4-22"?
    Don't worry, we'll catch up to volume 23 in no time! Well, pretty fast. And then the complete series will be out.

  • @Sam-Pinansky said in Invaders of the Rokujouma!? Volume 23 Discussion:

    can you imagine how many people will complain about "where's volume 4-22"?

    In preexistimg forms topics - minimum 3 users a month

    Users who come and make a whole new forum topic asking where they are - minimum 2 a month

    Users who ask on twitter - minimum 1 a month

    People who make Reddit posts - minimum 1 user every 3 months.

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    @Sam-Pinansky If that is the concern, how about release it here only? It's the same thing as what's already happen with the prepub, and people here surely understand why v4-22 aren't available.

    Again, I kind of understand why you decided to do it this way, but I still really hope you can find some other way. As you know, v22 kind of end at a cliffhanger. The 19+ months will be a painful wait. Unfortunately, I must also say reading on the site is mostly unacceptable for me. Backlit-screen hurt my eye on a long read, and I was too distracted by that to actually enjoy the story.

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    @hyper From marketing point of view it will be a bad move. And better not think about reaction of other sellers that sell JNC epubs. I don´t know what kind of deal have Sam with them, but they will be definitely not happy about it. (If Sam decide sell it only on JNC web)
    And that thing what Sam and Rahul will be definitely a ****storm on the forums. Also, the release and TL pace is pretty good. Just imagine that it will be YP, and you will have to wait 4 months for 1 volume and fan-TL will be DMCA. What you will do then? Just be happy that we have chance like this.
    Well, that is just my opinion and I can be wrong.

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    @sparhawk6 I honestly can't see the ****strom happening. I can be wrong, but I think everyone actually reading these novels are the fans who knows what's going on. Even if I'm wrong about that, just one line explaining the situation on the product description page should do the trick.

    Sure, Sam did handling the situation much better than YP and I applause him for it. I just think there is not a lot to stop JNC to do it even better. The translation is done, and I'm willing to pay. The only problem I see is somehow make it so that the subscribed member can read the v23+ volumes when the remasters finally caught up, and I think there are other ways to solve it rather than just making those who read the fan TL suffer.

    I understand that I'm a bit of a special case since I am an epub-buying-only reader. But it really does make me feel like I'm a 2nd class citizen here compared to the subscription-only-reader, even though I most likely give JNC as much money.

    Another suggestion with even more complication: how about setting up a pre-order system where I can use a credit to "unlock and download the prepub"? Basically, when I spent the credit to buy the premium ebook, I also unlock the ability to download the prepub version which will be replaced by the real epub when it's out. It should mostly compatible with the current system.

    Edit: the end of the last paragraph.

  • Wait, so currently there's no way of purchasing/reading the volumes 23+ other than via the premium membership and prepubs?

  • @xirlith correct

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    I've said this somewhere else, but I'll repeat it. The fan community translated most of Invaders many years ago. As the licensed translations become available here, the fan translations are taken down. I believe in supporting "official" releases, where available.

    I do take advantage of special offers, which as catch-ups, and have read several series I might not have read otherwise, but I've also used premium credits to start reading other series. I'm likely to buy the Epubs for some of them.

    To address the original line of thought of this thread, I think the current way they are translating the volumes is good business. The latest early volume is 7.5, and by my estimation they will have all of the volumes translated within two years. That's faster than I will get a couple of other series I'm reading translated.

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    Did not see this mentioned any where:
    55% Harumi herself knew that "" wasn't cut for being a bad girl. she
    88% ... finally felt a weight of her shoulders. off
    @Sam-Pinansky not sure this would be noticed after 2 years.
    ps already found one page 1 of part 3, but its late

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    @paul-nebeling said in Invaders of the Rokujouma!? Volume 23 Discussion:

    by my estimation they will have all of the volumes translated within two years.

    Pretty good estimate.

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    0% ..., she began thinking of using her technology "to use" for the good of the world.
    seems redundant

    But dont you think "there" accidents are part of regular life too? that

    7% The true purpose of Clan's test was " " improve the PAF's usefulness... to
    ..., or people like the elderly "people" who aren't... extraneous people

    ..., and how the system "effectively" would effectively process that. not needed

    15% , it was impossible to tell if "there" were on just by looking. they

    23% she stared " " her opponent -- or, rather, the PAF's opponent. at

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    @steelblaidd The B-T page is listed as fully abandoned as of 22 July 2019, so it took about 26-1/2 months to complete the project.

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    0% The easiest clothes she had to move.... clothing seems better fit here to me the other two instances after this are fine as they are. for example.

    15% Only then did Clan finally realized how hard.... realize
    (Only then did Clan finally realize how hard... ) tense issue i believe

    The color that wasn't to strong, .... can drop the that

    23% It was so just different from... swap to just so
    ...something more fitting for " " princess. a
    30% ... but several dozen of the pairs of the shoes in front of him. dup of the

    ... the salary he got from Theia.... I think received is better fit preference wise, more personal
    He would only use " " when several of the residents it

    61% Clan smiled too" " As a girl, she... missing period
    76% a present "to " as an apology. too,
    84% .. he was alredy there, already

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    68% It was an in depth display on a specific topic, ... missing hyphen in-depth

    78% So that's the kind of thing happens when your...
    Either: So that kind of thing happens when your ... or: So that's the kind of thing that happens when your...

    4% It " " exactly the kind of ... was
    ,these portrait were the beautiful version. Maybe... ,these portraits were the beautiful versions.
    34% ... not " " mention various.... to

    56% Then you should have just left him be. given context let
    69% does that " " Satomi-sama might accept? mean
    86% ... continues to appeal to him "this", like this or this way
    91% , the was still a lot they.... there
    it was unlike that Koutarou... unlikely

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    volume-23-part-8done it seems

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    V23 P2 37%:
    Observing the end results of the commotion, Kiriha’s shoulders slumped Not even she had expected this outcome, and it left her a little dumbfounded.
    Either slumped; not or slumped. Not

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    P3 0%:
    She had begun to believe that was the correct way to behave as a royalty, and as a scientist.
    Either as royalty or as a royal.

    “Now, now, Satomi-kun. You were saying that Clan-san was out of shape too, so isn’t this a good chance?”
    This is not necessarily an error, but good change could also fit here, and be consistent with the "change of mind/heart" discussion

    That Clan sure is working unexpectedly hard. Before, she would have given up by now.”
    That should be removed; In English it would be used with other things, like It's strange that or similar. Is it being used here in the manner that some people say, "That person"? Later, “That Clan is...” appears similarly, where just “Clan is...” would work in English.

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    P4 23%:
    As Clan put the first look back
    first choice would be more common in English.

    “It sure is difficult for boys too with things like this... Heehee...”
    Awkward wording. Either some punctuation is needed (commas either side of too), or something like this:
    “Things like this sure are difficult for boys, too... Heehee...”