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    This is the dedicated topic for posting suggested corrections for Welcome to Japan, Ms. Elf!

    Currently in prepublication: Volume 6! - link to discussion topic

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    Volume 6 - Part 1:

    • [33%] She cleared her throat, then squeezed Eve’s swords that were well-trained by the sword. ► I guess it should be arms?

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    Volume 6 - Part 2:

    • [33%] Lines of tearswere left on her cheeks as her ► It should be tears were (space).

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    As pointed out by @Thyacis A paragraph/section between parts 1 and 2 is missing; starts with さて、彼らを馬から降ろして道案内をしているうちに and ends with そう思い、やや乱暴にイヴリンは夜道を歩き続けた。

    41% but it was the first time she had been invaded by her own country -> I know it says このような自国に攻め込まれる感覚は初めてだ。 but it still feels like it should be more like "it was the first time she'd felt like her home country was being invaded" from context, since it's this land that she's grown attached to that's being invaded.

    54% the country that had been conquered - a country; it says his homeland とっくに消えており/disappeared some time ago, while this country has yet to even be conquered.

    (this whole section was a little confusing to me because of those two lines because it sounded like Zarish was from this country yet was being given back in an arranged marriage, combined with her being invaded by her own country made it seem like... I don't know what. But from the Japanese it seems more like Zarish is the prince of a third country that was vanquished by a second, and later he was used in a political marriage between a first country and the second.)

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