Weird payment glitch?

  • So I've made sure that I had enough cash in my debit card to pay for this month's membership fee. For some reason, I still lost my Premium Membership. I tried subscribing again, but I get this message: Your card does not support this type of purchase.

    This never happened before. What's going on?

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    Your bank might not support a monthly subscription model. I'd suggest contacting them.

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    @Student-no.0 it's common that debit cards get declined when we try and charge the renewal. Well not ThAT common, but it seems that most of the declines I see are on debit cards.

    It's really up to the bank that issues the card I think. When it sees it's a charge that's recurring it might block it.

    There isn't anything we can do about it... if you want to prepay there is always the annual membership where at least you'll be good for a year.

  • @Sam-Pinansky I just tried signing up for a yearly subscription. Still not coming through. Do you not accept pre-paid/debit cards anymore?

    I'm still trying to contact my bank about it though.