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    Figured I'd start up a thread for video game Let's Plays since I've recently gotten into recording. If anyone else has an interesting playthrough / gaming video, or recommended ones, feel free to post.

    I'm playing through Steins;Gate Zero blind if anyone is interested.

    Steins;Gate Zero (PS4) BLIND Let's Play: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWISJCjCM6-k-4GGEaDRZH3i8e9LbWErQ

    It's my first time experiencing this game, which is the "sequel / alternate history" to Steins;Gate.

    Just to be different, my channel will be focusing on Japanese language games and reading the lines in English after they're spoken in Japanese. It makes for longer playthroughs, but I figure it'll be helpful for people with poor eyesight who don't want to constantly be staring at the screen (like me).

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