General Anime Discussion (what are you watching now?)

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    I have never watched an idol anime, and would typically have no interest in one, but Zombieland Saga is hilarious. The CG for the production scenes is awful though.

    At the rate it's going, the anime pacing vs. Yen's book releases of Slime might be an interesting turtle vs. snail race.

    Ms. Vampire and Merc Storia have me more interested than I was expecting too.

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    Did you guys see Crunchyroll posted the map of America with our favorite animes per-state? It's interesting...

    alt text

    @renofury said in General Anime Discussion (what are you watching now?):

    @terrence I read the Goblin Slayer LNs 1-5 it would be fun to listen to the podcast. How do I tune in and what time?

    We did the Goblin Slayer cast tonight.

    Spoilers for the cast:

    This podcast probably won't go up until the end of the week or beginning of next week.

  • @terrence thanks for the update but for the last four days I was MIA reading the first 1000 chapters of the Venerated Venomous Consort, a very good Chinese Webnovel I just couldn't stop reading after work till 2am.

    Will catch up with the podcast on your website thanks again

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    Wanted to get some suggestions from people. After the college football season ends I'll be dropping Hulu so if you have Hulu and want to suggest some of the series/movies on there I would appreciate it. I'd like to take advantage of this while I have the chance. I'm especially curious about some of the longer stuff. I've never watched Gundam IBO since it's not part of the UC, so if I watch it then it will take up a large amount of the time over the next month and I don't know if it's worth it.

  • Lets see. While my others shows are on break, I started watching Black clover again. Also started watching Goblin slayer and That Time I got Reincarnated as a a Slime.

    When the new Dragon Ball Super Broly movie drops I’ll probably watch that a couple of times as it’s shaping up to be a REALLY good movie.