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    Out of all the novels, J-Novel Club has licensed which one has the biggest chance to get an anime adaption?

    • Arifureta

    • Realist Hero

    • I Saved Too Many Girls and Cause The Apocalypse

    (These are just some options)

    In Another with My Smartphone, Clockwork Planet, Occultic;Nine, Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash, Demon King Daimaou, or Invaders of Rokujouma aren't options because they are getting adaptions or they have already aired/are airing adaptions.

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    Out of that specific list

    1. Arifureta

    2. Realist Hero (more books gotta come out before this one has a Premier)

    Personally I just don't see Apocalypse happening at all, I see Isekai Bathing getting an anime before Apocalypse.

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    Grimgar and Occult 9 also already had an anime.

    Which I think are the likeliest...

    1. Arifureta
    2. Dendrogram
    3. Realist

    Which anime I think I'd enjoy most...

    1. Neechu
    2. Dendrogram
    3. Apocalypse

    Paladin gets an honorable mention as one I like and think has potential, but I didn't put it on either list because I have trouble imagining it as an anime.

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    @hatguy12 Sorry, it slipped my mind. Both great anime series made by the satisfying A-1 Pictures. However, Grimgar had slightly better quality in animation and story.

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    The list I posted above wasn't necessarily what I think, but more of an example.

    Here is my chronological list:

    1. Arifureta
    2. Uchi
    3. Realist Hero

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    Little Apocalypse is a finished series so it's not likely to get an anime adaptation.

    Otherwise, as everyone else already mentioned:

    • Arifureta - Definitely a top choice for getting an anime. It would suit the format well considering the well choreographed action scenes, the very well divided arcs, and just how great it is in general.
    • UchiMusume - It's a really cute series that I think would sell well. Considering we're getting an Isekai Cooking series and Isekai Smartphone next season, wouldn't surprise me if we got a fantasy SoL series like UchiMusume for the moe factor.
    • NeeChu - This one is another high likely. It's very divided like Arifureta into single volume arcs. Supernatural High School series are still somewhat common and NeeChu just kind of fits into that.

    For what I'd like animated.

    • Arifureta - Top choice for me. Give it 2-cour and do something like 4 or 5 volumes. Really give each volume the attention it needs and pump the budget into the action scenes.
    • Rokujouma - Give me season 2 please. It's just such a damn good series and I want another really stunning anime adaptation. Although I doubt it's gonna happen considering the Drama CDs already adapt volumes 7.5 and 8.5 which would mean they'd need to re-record everything likely.
    • Mixed Bathing - I like my fan-service and this series has some really good action scenes. Also, people like romance series with actual development.

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    @Aruseus493 I agree I would also love a season 2 of Rokujouma, I wish the series could have been 2 cour so we could have gotten some of the really good material animated. That would have given it a better shot a success.

  • I'd say Arifureta as it has a huge fan base. But who wouldn't love a second season of Grimgar? ;))

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    I think I just want Neechu and Realist Hero.

    Volume 1 of Hero has a decent amount happening, so there could be multiple episodes. Even volume 2 they could probably pace into a few episodes.

    Any other series would be icing on the cake. :cake:

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    I think Infinite Dendrogram could get an adaption seeing how it fits the popular genre of VRMMO games. I'd personally really like to see Realist Hero as an anime, but I think it might be a bit slow for the mass market and only appeal to fans of Spice & Wolf.

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    With the recent high number sales of Arifureta Volume 6 in Japan, I just have a feeling soon an announcement will happen of some sort will occur. (If an announcement like that ended up being a drama CD I'd probably have mixed emotions)

  • I'm biased so I'd pick Realist Hero. XD

  • I would want Realist Hero first, with Arifureta second. However, I believe that Arifureta would be more likely to get an adaption first due to the amount of content that is available right now for the anime studios to adapt.

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    Siskan all the way. I'd want pretty poor animation too, wouldn't be as funny with slick animation.

  • @the-green-death wait, you want poor animation? I don't get it :/?

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    I see...I don't understand what he means either.

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    Or possibly he means animation where the animators make it look bad on purpose?

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    Clearly it must be done Ninja Slayer style!

  • My top choices would be definitely Arifureta and NeeChuu, I can't really see the latter happening, but Arifureta does have a big chance.

    Little Apocalypse has little to no chance, it being an old finished series, I would really have liked an adaptation of this though, really, this one and NeeChuu were the first and second series I bought from J-Novel, I had been praying for translations of these series for years, no kidding. I just hope Namekojirushi's next series get's picked up, from what I heard Izure Shinwa no Ragnarok is awesome (I'm a sucker for mythology references like Campione or Magika no Kenshi)

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    @Liz Siskan would work best with muppets.
    It basically stars elmo, after all.

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