Seven Seas August survey now available!

  • Does anyone nominate the same thing every month? As usual I went with

    Biblia Antiquarian Bookshoop

    Ryuugajou nanana no maizoukin

    sakurako san no ashimoto (I didn't nominate this one last month)

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    @imilyaz I've nominated a few things in repetition, not every month, but I'm pretty positive I'll keep asking for them sometime down the road:

    Urara Meirochou - only manga, didn't request any manga this month, very likely to pretty much stop requesting them

    Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend

    May have done Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! - Fairly certain that even apart from the company challenges (hey, they did get To Love Ru, which isn't the same company, but is still what part of Viz is), this is the least likely of all my LN wants, but I pretty much want it the most

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