Arifureta Anime Announced

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    “Cour” is an English loan word of a Japanese loan word of a French word, mainly in use because when you say “season” with regards to TV programming no one has a clue how long a block that refers to.

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    a "cour" is approximately a "season" = 12-13 1/2 hour episodes

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    Huh, the art looks like something from a 90s anime.

    Yet another J-Novel series I just need to get caught up with. This will be as good a time as any to see if the novels live up to the hype, and I've been looking forward to trying this one.

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    Apparently, a lot of people have been wondering about the art.
    I personally like it though. I think they made it that way to make Hajime's transition into badass not too drastic from his original self.

    But I dunno. Let's just see when it comes out.

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    So i read the first volume yesterday, from the length of that one i would guess if the second is as long using more than two vols for one cour would fuck up the pacing way to hard. I'd rather see a 10-11 episode season which uses some time to delve into more intence character development. I can't see vol 1 having less than 4-5 episodes even if they cut out most floor hopping. Let's hope it won't end like that ugly smartphone thing.

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    I'm of the same opinion. Although I don't actually have that much hope considering there are 3 celebratory wall scrolls. (Mimicking the first three volumes' covers) So while I would love for there to be only 2 volumes adapted, we're probably gonna get 3+. The director is also a newbie when it comes to adaptations of LNs which makes me worried too.

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